Wind tunnel system for insect flight studies

For studies of insect orientation and flight in relation to visual and odor stimuli, a wind tunnel is the optimal set up. Noldus offers a complete solution with a high-quality and flexible wind tunnel, optimized for video tracking with Track3D. Our wind tunnel consists of a tracking chamber and an air flow production system.

Tracking chamber

The tracking chamber is made of polycarbonate with a transparent top wall. The black infrared-absorbing walls combined with the infrared LED illuminators make it ideal for tracking insects in the dark (provided that the insect body or wings reflect infrared). However, you can also track insects in daylight. In our standard wind tunnel, the tracking chamber measures 160 x 60 x 60 cm (LxWxH), but other sizes are possible. Please contact us for more information.

Wind tunnel.

Air flow production system

The air supply system consists of a fan and an air lamination diaphragm. You can set different air speeds, up to approx. 40 cm/s (with an air flow of approx. 450 m3/h ). The multi-layer air lamination diaphragm ensures that air speed and direction are uniform throughout the tracking chamber.

System integration

Our wind tunnel has been thoroughly tested with the other Track3D components, that is infrared LED illuminators, video cameras and Track3D software.