The integrated solution for the recognition and analysis of the spatial behavior of livestock.

Why use it?

  • Gain insights into multiple animals’ spatial behavior and social dynamics
  • Study animal health and welfare
  • Automate data collection
  • Monitor location and movement with high accuracy
  • Clear data representation in graphs and extensive statistics

How does it work?

Using Ultra-wideband (UWB) tracking technology, TrackLab lets you import accurate and reliable tracking data offline or in real-time. It is possible to monitor user-defined zones for activity and design algorithms to detect and classify key behavioral indicators. The collected data can be visualized, processed, and analyzed.

Who uses it?

TrackLab will aid you in the complete process of your work on understanding the indoor spatial behavior in farm animals. TrackLab is useful for researchers in academic institutes, research organizations and R&D of large companies in animal husbandry. 

Wageningen University
Dairy Campus
Aberystwyth University
Aeres Hogeschool

Customer testimonial

“The installation of TrackLab was a success and the whole team present for the installation were pleased with the accuracy and the possibilities of the system.”

Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK | via Behavioral Research Blog


Noldus and Ubisense  have teamed up to achieve the end-to-end solution for real time and offline movement analysis based on Ultra-Wideband tracking (UWB). UWB tracking is the indoor locating solution that will aid you in your research on livestock behavior. Read more about indoor tracking.


TrackLab software is available for indoor and outdoor tracking of animals, just let us know what you’re challenge is, and we’ll help you create the best solution. Read more about outdoor tracking.
Wageningen University
Dairy Campus
Aberystwyth University
Aeres Hogeschool

Livestock behavior

TrackLab helps give insight in the behavior and social relations in animals. The analysis that it provides can also help to quickly identify animals in need of special attention or to single out animals with damaging behaviors such as feather pecking chickens. Read more about understanding livestock behavior using TrackLab software.