Tools for insect behavior studies in the lab

A laboratory provides a controlled environment that is ideal for investigating behavioral traits in insects. Noldus provides the perfect tools for in-depth behavioral studies, such as The Observer XT, EthoVision XT, and Track3D.

Amongst the most-studied species are fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) and mosquitoes. 

Fruit flies

Drosophila melanogaster have a lot more in common with us than some might think. Having 75% of the genes that cause human disease in common with us, and being very low-maintenance, makes you a popular animal model. Behavioral studies mostly focus on courtship, olfaction, memory, foraging, and activity. Examples are on the following pages:


As we all know, malaria is transferred person-to-person by malaria mosquitoes (Anopheles gambiae); therefore, much research is being done to find effective, but also economical, options to prevent malaria. Examples of research can be found here:

Customer testimonial

“EthoVision XT is the best technology for mosquito behaviour studies”

Dr. S. Abdallah Mapua | Ifakara Health Institute

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