Research on rodents

We offer complete packages including software, computers, mazes, and other tools for all popular behavioral tests.

Complete systems

Complete systems for the behavioral assessment for rodents include the PhenoTyper home cage or basic cage. PhenoTyper can also be fully equipped with optogenetics equipment. If you are interested in assessing motor performance, we offer tools such as CatWalk XT and ErasmusLadder, both complete turn-key systems. 

Rodent research

Mazes and arenas

We offer high quality mazes and other test environments, such as a water maze, T-maze, sociability cage, plus maze, radial arm maze, and barnes maze. These are all carefully selected from renowned manufacturers or designed by us to work perfectly in combination with our software products EthoVision XT  or The Observer XT. 

Rodent research

Package deals

Package deals contain EthoVision XT installed on a computer, a maze or arena, and other tools for a specific behavioral test. We offer these attractive deals for all standard behavioral tests,  such as the water maze test, the radial arm maze test, novel object recognition, and barnes maze. 

Rodent research