The T-maze task is an investigation of spatial learning and memory. Often animals are taught to discriminate between the two arms based on visual, olfactory, tactile or even auditory cues during consecutive trials. Subsequently, reversal learning or retention can be investigated.

Alternatively the T-maze is sometimes used for place preference testing.

The T-maze is similar to the Y-maze. Read more about the Y-maze here.  We also offer a specific T-maze (cross maze) for zebrafish studies. 

High quality mazes

The Noldus T-maze is specifically designed for testing rats or mice. Our standard design is made from grey not-reflective material, ideal for video tracking with EthoVision XT and easy to clean. It also comes with three partitions to easily section off each arm.

Made for you

The T-maze can be easily adjusted or completely build to your specifications. For example, choose a different color, a longer start arm, or add IR backlight. All mazes are available in a cost-efficient package deal with a computer and a full EthoVision XT software license for video tracking. This license can also be used for video tracking and automation of other behavioral tests.

Video tracking

Performing your T-maze test with EthoVision XT video tracking allows you to easily get data like latency to enter the correct arm, number of transitions into each arm, time spent in each arm, etc. Using all three body points (nose, center, tail base), you get very accurate data.

Automation options

EthoVision XT can control hardware from within the program. This means you can use automated doors in your T-maze that will open and close based on your protocol. For example, at set time points, or based on the behavior of the animal.

Alternative suppliers

Noldus mazes can be standard or custom build to your specifications, of course optimally suited for video tracking with EthoVision XT, and available in a package deal. 

Alternatively, we also offer mazes from several suppliers such as Ugo Basile and Maze Engineers (availability may depend on your location).

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