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AV recording & evaluating

Video is a commonly used tool in education and training. For example, to improve communication skills, enhance teamwork, practice bad-news conversations, and to gain insights into processes, human performance, and interactions.

By recording a training or simulation on video, it is possible to discuss in detail what happened during the session, what worked well, and to share ideas for improvement. Providing feedback in a debriefing session is key to objective performance assessment.

Solutions for AV recording & evaluating

The easy-to-use video debriefing tool

Video feedback enables students and professionals to see and hear what really happens. This makes Viso® a perfect solution for education and training facilities. It records all audio and video feeds in perfect sync and captures behaviors during training sessions in great detail. Programs that use simulation, carry out mock interviews, test technical and non-technical skills can all benefit from the efficient workflow of Viso.

View sessions live and assess student performance by marking events of interest and setting comments during or after recording. With a simple key press, you can note where things go right or where improvement is needed. A session can be scheduled in advance and cover an unlimited number of rooms.

View sessions live and annotate

Debriefing a training session

To evaluate the training sessions, debriefing can occur directly after recording to immediately learn from the scenario. This is a great benefit since it allows you to give feedback or discuss the events of interest while the assessed work is still fresh in a student’s mind. Were procedures followed? Who took the lead? What verbal cues were given? How did everyone react to one another? This trial-and-error approach gives students the knowledge and confidence they need to apply their new skills in the real world. With Viso you can:

  • Train communication and technical skills, using video feedback. The training sessions can be analyzed, errors identified, successes marked, and emotions or feelings that influenced the students can be discussed. This is when the real learning takes place.
  • Show students their behavior, which strengthens the learning effect. The training allows students to answer the question, "If I do this, what happens?"
  • Quickly give feedback with personalized markers - the sooner the better. Numerous studies indicate that feedback is most effective when it is given immediately. In Viso, the videos are immediately available to be re-played. 
  • Engage students in feedback, which helps them developing their reviewing skills and their ability to cope with feedback.

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How to build an AV-lab

Are you interested in establishing a facility for training and debriefing? Download our free how to guide! 

  • Get the perfect tips & tricks
  • Sort out what kind of equipment will be needed
  • Learn more about the software tools available
  • Discover how observations can be conducted

Use audio and video recording tool Viso to capture interactions

Record interactions on video

Understanding behavior during an interaction becomes much easier with video observations. Using video ensures a non-invasive form of observation and enables to capture the (inter)actions without the presence of an outside person in the room. Students can act freely, which improves the learning process. 

For example, the faculty at Delaware Valley University uses Viso software to train new counselors. Skill-based courses are highly interactive and held in the lab, where students role-play, practice, and learn through hands-on experience. Practice sessions can be observed, recorded and reviewed to provide authentic feedback and growth opportunities. The lab is a cornerstone of the program, and consists of a large conference room, six small counseling rooms, and a control room.


Improve the learning experience

Since many faculties have multiple classes of students wanting to learn skills at the same time, a system such as Viso can be set up as a multi-room video recording system. That means that teachers do not have to wait on each other to be able to schedule sessions. You can schedule training sessions in multiple rooms at a time. For example, students can practice conversation skills in one room, while counseling psychology students practice an intake interview in another room.


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