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Consumer behavior research

Consumer behavior research focuses on studying consumer actions (in the moment) and getting to know the underlying motives. This type of research benefits from systematic observation and a structural analysis providing key insights in order to successfully predict consumer preference and consumer buying behavior.

Solutions for Consumer behavior research

Consumer behavior research

Really knowing your customer is what you need to design loved products and applications. Noldus has a wide range of solutions available to support you: from Viso, FaceReader, and The Observer XT to eye trackers and completely integrated customer experience labs.


Customer quote

"The Noldus FaceReader software is very promising and sufficiently accurate to detect differences in facial emotion expressions induced by different tastes of food for different mood groups (with and without depressive disorder)."

Prof. E. Bartkiene|Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania


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Automatic facial expression analysis

FaceReader is used worldwide at more than 1,000 universities, research institutes, and companies. This software automatically analyzes 6 basic facial expressions, neutral, contempt, and boredom, interest, and confusion. Moreover, it allows you to report about participant responses to commercials, products, or other stimuli. New in FaceReader 9 is the option to automatically measure consumption behavior. This option will be available for FREE on an experimental basis and with it, you can analyze chewing behavior, taking a bite, and sipping.  


Prof. Duncan explains why she chooses FaceReader for her research

Prof. Susan Duncan is a professor in Food Science & Technology at Virginia Tech. She focuses on the role of sensory evaluation. With the help of FaceReader, she can capture how people are responding emotionally to products.

Watch the video to learn more about why she chooses Noldus' tools.


Free white paper

How to build a consumer lab?

In order to get off to a good start, it is best to describe the consumer research or tests that are going to be performed in detail. With this description it becomes clear what kind of equipment will be needed, and which physical environment (on-site or in a lab) would best suit this test or research.

Want to now more about setting up a consumer research lab? Download our free how to guide!


Prof. de Graaf explains how The Observer XT software helps them to quantify behavior

Prof. Kees de Graaf talks about how to study sensory science and eating behavior. And how software such as The Observer XT helps his team achieve their goals in science.

Watch the video to learn more about why he chooses Noldus' tools.


Customer quote

"FaceReader is a good instrument helping to detect emotional reactions on commercials besides what people say."

Mr. H. Bolle|Panteia, The Netherlands


Spatial behavior tracking 

Gain insights into social interactions, consumer behavior, and space utilization by using our brand-new software TrackLab: the complete tracking solution. Save time on data collection and analysis, and obtain real-time insights into a wide range of spatial behaviors. TrackLab works with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to collect data on subjects’ location and movement. It is a tag-based system, using UWB tags that are compact, lightweight, and non-intrusive.

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Smiles Jason Rogers Happy

Turn data into meaning - Noldus Consulting

A respondent’s awareness affects behavior and distorts research results. Our technique allows respondents to act naturally, such as in the home or in an office, in order to gain insights in very real contexts. Utilizing our advanced observational toolkit, our technique systematically analyzes the activities from the natural context to create deep and meaningful insights into respondents’ behavior.

Our consultants have advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences, which provides a unique ability to uncover behavioral patterns and turn them into actionable results. Read more about consumer behavior consulting services.


Interesting publications

A diverse collection of scientific articles citing Noldus products are published in renowned journals. The following list is only a small selection of scientific publications. Please contact us if you need more reference material.

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  • Wijk, de, R.A.; Kooijman, V.; Verhoeven, R.; Holthuyzen, N.; Graaf, de, C. (2012). Autonomic nervous system responses on and facial expressions ot the sight, smell, and taste of liked and disliked foods. Food Quality and Preference, 26 (2), 196-203.

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