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Data integration & visualization

Data synchronization is vital in multimodal research. Without it, studying time relationships is extremely difficult. The Observer® XT is especially designed to synchronously playback multiple modalities. Common modalities include video, screen captures, location data, physiological signals, eye tracking data, FaceReader™ data, and of course behavioral data. The software tool Viso® can be used in a big lab set-up for recording audio and video sources. Synchronous recording is guaranteed!


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Physiological data, eye tracking & The Observer XT

With The Observer XT you don’t have to worry about data synchronization. Via a permanent link, time information is easily and continuously exchanged between The Observer XT, MediaRecorder, and data acquisition system (from BIOPAC, TobiiPro, or other partners). The signal is recorded and recognized when the data is imported. This way, you get complete insight into the relationships between behavioral data and physiological responses.

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Customer quote

The integration of FaceReader, The Observer XT, and psychophysiological data collection makes research programs possible at locations and within timetables that increase opportunity, quality, and efficiency.

Dr. C. Barton|Davidson College, USA


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Noldus lab: Integrate and synchronize all your data

When you purchase a Noldus lab, integration and synchronization of all equipment is part of our installation service. You can be sure that your hardware and software will work together, and that all your data is in sync.


Empower an efficient workflow

No matter what kind of research you are working on, we will help you get started quickly!

  • Easy data collection
  • Accurate data synchronization keeping all valuable data points
  • Powerful analysis filters
  • Faster study results and publications
  • Excellent system support services

The analysis power you need

Only if your data is in sync, you can draw the proper conclusions from multiple data streams. The Observer XT organizes all of your data streams in one clear overview. It's easy to set up and results are immediately visible and ready for analysis. 

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