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Eye tracking & physiology

Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze (where one is looking) or the motion of an eye relative to the head. An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge: as we often integrate eye trackers into lab as well as portable set-ups, we can help you find the eye tracker that works best for you. Noldus will assist you in the process from start to finish, including lab installation, training your team and setting up experiments, and creating custom scenarios.

Solutions for Eye tracking & physiology
Tobii laptop eye tracking

Why eye tracking?

  • See what your test participant is looking at, and is not looking at, or missing during interaction
  • Get rich, quantitative, and reliable data for attention, mental load, and arousal
  • Combine eye tracking videos and other sources like FaceReader™ or data acquisition systems with The Observer® XT
  • Benefit from a completely integrated system

Wearable eye-tracking Tobii

Eye trackers

Eye trackers add substantial power to your lab set-up. They produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion.

Eye trackers are now available in multiple formats: as glasses, stationary, or mobile units, each with unique benefits. Glasses provide insight in real-life settings into consumers' attention and responses to product placement or other stimuli. 


Free white paper

Eye Tracking & FaceReader

Both eye tracking and facial expression analysis add substantial power to your research by providing information about attention and emotion.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • Subconscious processes and emotion recognition
  • How you can combine FaceReader™ and eye tracking technology
  • Visualizing and analyzing eye tracking and other data

Physiological data, eye tracking & The Observer XT

Different data streams can provide you with information that will help you to further understand and explain consumer behavior. You can acquire EEG, ECG, EMG, blood pressure, or skin conductance and analyze it together with events, videos, and eye tracking. The key to understanding these processes is precise integration. 

The Observer XT allows for synchronization, both before and after data collection, saving you valuable time and ensuring quality. After importing the videos to The Observer XT, you can analyze the test participant’s views as behavioral data, and synchronize this information with manually recorded behavior, physiological data, and facial expressions.


All your data in perfect sync

With The Observer XT and MediaRecorder you don’t have to worry about data synchronization. Via a permanent link, time information is easily and continuously exchanged between The Observer XT, MediaRecorder, and data acquisition system (from BIOPAC, TobiiPro, or other partners). 

The signal is recorded and recognized when the data is imported. This way, you get complete insight into the relationships between behavioral data and physiological responses.

tobii eye tracking physiology eeg

Powerful analysis | Data integration

As a researcher of human behavior can only draw the proper conclusions from multiple data streams if the data are in sync. You can sync multiple data streams, including your eye-tracking data, with Noldus' tools. 

The Observer XT is a multi-functional tool: Ideal for video analysis, recording behavioral context, and synchronization of eye movements and behavior. Use the Observer XT to combine all your videos with data gathered using other software or hardware such as FaceReader, uASQ, or physiological equipment. 

No manual synchronization required – a Noldus setup allows you to complete your studies accurately and efficiently without needing to worry about integration. 


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