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Usability testing is an essential part of user centered design processes. Noldus provides the best usability testing tools for your usability testing and usability lab. From A/V recording suites and emotion analysis tools to complete lab set-ups.

Get a closer look at our usability testing tools, or take a look at some of our example usability labs. Not planning to build your own usab lab? We also have a state-of-the-art experience lab for rent.

Solutions for Usability testing

Capture the user experience with Viso

Viso is the easy-to-use solution for creating video and audio recordings. The software suite has proved itself as an ideal instrument to perform usability tests and conduct UX studies, enhance teamwork training, and more. 

Viso provides the video material needed to gain insights into accessibility and processes, human performance, user experience, and communication. Moreover, recordings are immediately available for playback and debriefing.

The Viso software suite is highly scalable. You can start with 2 rooms (4 cameras/screen capture devices per room) and expand the system to an unlimited number of rooms. You can create your own UX or usability testing lab, and design it the way you want!

Viso multi room principle

Facereader 9 authority element reliability performance emotions two rows illustration FaceReader is the most reliable software tool for facial expression analysis (source)

Emotion analysis with FaceReader

Emotion data provides crucial insights that allow researchers to explain complex behaviors in greater depth. Because human assessment of emotions has many limitations and biases, facial expression technology can help to deliver a greater level of insight into behavior patterns. 

FaceReader is ideal for collecting this data, and helps you to better understand human-human, human-machine, and human-product interactions.

The option to record audio as well as video makes it possible to hear what people have been saying – for example, during focus group discussions, human-computer interactions, or while watching stimuli.


Usability Lab at George Brown College School of Design

Take a look inside the state of the art Usability Lab at the George Brown College School of Design at the Centre for Arts, Design & Technology in Toronto, Canada.

Watch the video to learn more about how students use Noldus' tools like FaceReader and eye tracking glasses to test their games, applications, and websites, and get feedback on how user-friendly they are.


Customer quote

"FaceReader is a very friendly software that has improved the scope of our research, opening to new questions and to rethink our experiments."

Miguel Ibaceta, MSc.|Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile


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Conducting user research in a usability lab

Rent our Usability Lab

Performing User Experience or Human Factors research requires a modern user-centered lab, and specialized knowledge about usability testing.

We can help you at every stage of your research process, from the set-up of your lab to interpretation of results. We also have an on-site User Experience Lab for rent.

Our User Experience Lab in Wageningen, The Netherlands, is well equipped for a wide range of studies in consumer behavior, psychology, usability testing and user experience, HCI, and Human Factors. 


"I like to use tools that seems quantitative to get qualitative results"

The Social Media Lab in Mons, Belgium brings together researchers, students, professionals, and professors from different disciplines (communication, marketing, journalism, computer science, etc.). 

Together they try to understand the digital world, train themselves in the use of new technology, and learn more and advice about new professional practices.


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