Behavioral data collection

Behavioral data collection in living labs: 30 Measurement tools

Tuesday, 9 August, 2011

A few years ago it might have seemed quite futuristic, but nowadays researchers are more and more developing and building living labs and smart homes in which products and services are presented to end users for evaluation in a naturalistic environment.

International community

In the international research community, living labs increasingly gain acceptance as a way of dealing with innovation, and of getting insight into the development process in general. A living lab brings together end-users, researchers, industrialists, and policy makers. In a living lab new technologies are examined in everyday contexts. Valuable behavioral data is collected providing information about how people use items or strategies to achieve their goals. Living lab studies involve the study of user interface design, ergonomics, consumer behavior, user acceptance, and much more.

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30 Measurement tools

Visit to learn more about methods, techniques, measurement tools (, and sensors used in living lab studies.

30 Measurement tools are presented.

When you register, you can also add, update, and discuss methods, techniques, tools, and sensors yourself.

One of the goals of the Amsterdam Living Lab project is to raise awareness of the various methods, techniques, tools, and sensors that are out there and help researchers and practitioners interested in applying the living lab approach share their experiences. By participating in this new community website, you can benefit from the work of others, and others can benefit from your work.