Behavioral research tools training courses - online education

Tuesday, 28 February, 2012

Recent advances in internet and video conferencing technology provide a cost-effective solution to training needs through remote delivery. With a wide variety of courses available on a large number of topics, they are a great option to increase efficiency; save on travel costs and cut down on travel time! 

Below a few examples of what is available:

  • SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) offers training courses on-site and online. These are specialized training courses designed to help you get the most out of SMI products. SMI also collaborates with the Humanities Lab at Lund University in Sweden. Interested in eye tracking? Visit this Eye Tracking Academy (LETA). 
  • Tobii has instructive movies on YouTube which guides you through the process of starting up with Tobii glasses, a Tobii T60, or a Tobii X60. These movies help you get a head start using their products. You can watch one or more instruction videos on your laptop at your convenience. 
  • Connect with Noldus Information Technology: As a forward thinking organization, Noldus offers many services online. For example, Noldus offers remote training courses of most Noldus’ software products to new or experienced users. The right training delivered at the right time, can really help a research team start a new project quickly and effectively. 
  • IBM offers SPSS training courses worldwide, in a classroom or online. Their course catalog is easily accessible and shows you directly which courses are available. 
  • SAS also offers a wide range of e-learning courses to educate users about SAS/STAT software. As most researchers are familiar with using the internet, most are comfortable with receiving information in this way.
  • MathWorks, another well-known international company, offers webinars in which you can learn more about MathWorks products and applications. MathWorks also offers online courses. These live interactive web-based training courses are ideal for groups with limited budgets or for attendees who need a quicker more flexible way to gain knowledge.