Looking back at a fantastic year

Looking back at some amazing events in 2016

Tuesday, 27 December, 2016

The past year we’ve attended a lot of events, released many products, and worked together with great scientists. We look back at a fantastic year and will continue this positive flow in 2017.

February – Do you have a Resting Bitch Face

In 2016 the Washington post wrote an article about the science behind Resting Bitch Face. Jason Rogers and Abbe Macbeth, Noldus Consultants, discovered the source of resting bitch face (contempt).

RBF with FaceReader

Think you might have "RBF"? Upload a photo showing a neutral expression here, and our FaceReader software will test it for emotionality. If you see lingering levels of contempt, you just might have RBF! Visit our blog if you would like to learn more!

A picture of good quality

Free online demo FaceReader

Curious what emotions your own face shows? In this demo the facial expression of a person is automatically extracted from a single picture. Additionally, FaceReader is capable of extracting some personal characteristics, an age indication and whether a person is wearing glasses or not.

Enter an URL or upload a file and measure your emotions!

February – Site license manager

In February, Niek Wilmink, Noldus Product Portfolio Manager, released The Observer XT  13.0. The newly released Floating Site License functionality made the software more versatile.

A hardware key is now no longer needed! Researchers can easily use the software throughout a department, a building, around the campus, and even from their own houses.

May - Measuring Behavior 2016

Over 200 international researchers from almost 30 countries gathered in the Irish capital for 3 days of discussing the latest methods and techniques in behavioral research. For the first time ever Measuring Behavior conference was hosted outside of The Netherlands.

From 25-27 May 2016, Dublin formed be the stage for the latest inventions, prototypes, and techniques in behavioral research. The conference was hosted by Dublin City University and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

We are happy to announce that Measuring Behavior 2018 will be hosted in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Stay tuned for more info on Measuring Behavior 2018 coming your way soon

June - Get a peek into our company's 25-year-old history!

July - Full integration of FaceReader, Media Recorder, The Observer XT

FaceReader, Media Recorder, and The Observer XT can now communicate extremely accurate using N-Linx, the new standard protocol for integrating systems for behavioral research.

With N-Linx you can, for example, easily connect FaceReader and The Observer XT for real time control, synchronization, and data exchange in combination with other applications such as eye trackers or DAQ systems. Read more about the ideal data integration platform.

November – Neuroscience 2016, the big event

In November, we travelled to San Diego, CA, USA for the 46th (!) annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, otherwise known as Neuroscience 2016.

Noldus at Neuroscience 2016

As every year the Noldus booth was a colorful display of our latest tools and solutions. Our booth was manned by colleagues from three continents, ranging from sales consultants and product portfolio managers to the presidents of our international offices.

Read all about the experiences of a marketer here.

December – Happy holidays

happy holidays from Noldus IT

We look forward to sharing more scientific updates with you in 2017!