Videos on neuromarketing and facial expression analysis

Videos on neuromarketing and facial expression analysis

Posted by Annelies Querner-Verkerk on Mon 23 Dec. 2013 - 1 minute read

Neuromarketing and emotion analysis with facial expression software are becoming increasingly popular. Watch these videos on consumer research, eye tracking, facial expression analysis, and learn more!

Videos on neuromarketing and facial expression analysis

Measuring physiological signals and facial expressions

Researchers from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland analyzed the emotions of 151 couples. The experiment was prepared in E–Prime software. They measured physiological signals and facial expressions using 4 HD cameras, Media Recorder, FaceReader, and The Observer XT. ECG data were analyzed in collaboration with representatives of the University of Medical Sciences, Poznań, Poland.

Woman looking at monitor romantic partners

Watch the video they published on YouTube to get an idea of the experiment!

Facial expression analysis in consumer behavior research

Would you like to develop the perfect healthy snack for young children? Are you looking into shopping behavior in a large shopping mall? These kind of projects can be really important for product development and product placement. Such a project is a perfect task for a Behavioral Research Consultant.

Consulting leaflet hands on table

Watch this user story and follow Patrick Zimmerman, one of our Behavioral Research Consultants. He explains what you can expect, describes the Noldus approach, and informs you about how our consultants can help.

FREE WHITE PAPER: FaceReader methodology

Download the free FaceReader methodology note to learn more about facial expression analysis theory.

  • How FaceReader works
  • More about the calibration
  • Insight in quality of analysis & output

Eye tracking & facial expression analysis

Eye movements contain important information as do facial expressions. Collecting and analyzing these data will give added value and insights into your user research. Learn more about subconscious processes by observing outward expressions such as eye movements and facial expressions.

man supermarket holding juice with eyetracking glasses

Watch the video or download a FREE white paper about integrating eye tracking and facial expression analysis. Both eye tracking and facial expression analysis can add substantial power to your research by providing information about attention and emotion.

RESOURCES: Read more about FaceReader

Find out how FaceReader is used in a wide range of studies and how it can elevate your research!

  • Free white papers and case studies
  • Customer success stories
  • Recent blog posts

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