A roundup of our best behavioral research posts of the summer

A roundup of our best behavioral research posts of the summer

Thursday, 26 July, 2018

With summer scorching through large parts of the world, it's time to gather the best of our behavioral research blog posts of the last couple of months. From the many ways to measure behavior to emotional responses to music and the Soccer World Cup: these articles should be on your reading list!

A roundup of our best behavioral research posts of the summer

Many ways to measure behavior

So what kind of behavior can you measure? At the Measuring Behavior conference that was organized in the first week of June, researchers presented methods and techniques, varying from getting into pig behavior in a stable, visitor behavior in a museum, to citizen behavior in a smart city, consumer behavior in a store, and more.

Get an impression of the conference here >>

Measuring Behavior 2018 took place in Manchester

Alzheimer research and the Morris water maze task

First developed in 1981 by Richard Morris, the Morris water maze task is still one of the most popular tests for memory and learning in rodents.

Recent studies focus on several AD risk factors such as insulin resistance and diabetes. Learn more (and get a free white paper!) >>

World Cup success and emotions

Soccer fans worldwide enjoyed a month full of football matches during the 2018 World Cup. Recent scientific research shows that emotional expressions like anger and happiness matter in being successful in the group phase of the soccer World Cup.

Find out more about World Cup success and emotions >>

A picture of good quality

Free online demo FaceReader

Curious what emotions your own face shows? In this demo the facial expression of a person is automatically extracted from a single picture. Additionally, FaceReader is capable of extracting some personal characteristics, an age indication and whether a person is wearing glasses or not.

Enter an URL or upload a file and measure your emotions!

Using facial expression analysis during a musical experiment

Music affects people, that's for sure. But to what extent varies per person. Does everyone react the same way? And if they don’t, why not? To measure facial expressions during a musical experiment, FaceReader Online is the easy-to-use tool.

Find out more about the outcome of this small experiment here and if The Muppets made people smile >>

A new zebrafish model for ALS-related gene mutations

With this study, Swaminathan et al. shed more light on how different DPRs might contribute to the symptoms of ALS, which in the future might help to determine targets for new therapeutic approaches.

Read more about this new zebrafish model >>

3 White Papers and Case Studies on Psychology Research

Research into understanding human perception has been around for centuries. At Noldus, we have dedicated ourselves to make the best tools to advance human behavioral research for over 25 years and love to share our knowledge!

You can find them here!

How often do medical professionals use humor during the interaction with patients? After all, such positive interactions help build a relationship, establish trust, and support the exchange of relevant information.

Last but not least, this blog post about the use of humor during doctor-patient interactions!

What was the best behavioral research post you've read recently?