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Pangborn 2017: where industry and academia in sensory and consumer science meet

Wednesday, 2 August, 2017

The international conference for sensory and consumer scientists must be the biennial Pangborn Symposium. This year’s meeting – the 12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium – is organized in Rhode Island, USA. Here, in the Rhode Island Convention Center, leading pioneers and emerging experts in sensory and consumer science will get together to learn, and inspire each other.

Pangborn 2017: where industry and academia in sensory and consumer science meet!

Pangborn 2017 takes place from 20-24 August 2017, and of course, Noldus will be present too!

Sensory and consumer science has an important role towards a sustainable world, and all the challenges that come with it. Interaction between human beings and products or food, are at the center of an increasing number of research projects. Food choice and eating behavior for instance are just two topics of research that are very familiar in Wageningen, home base of Noldus Information Technology.

Study eating behavior with The Observer XT

Professor C. (Kees) de Graaf, PhD, Chairman Division of Human Nutrition, Professor in Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour at Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands talks about measuring chewing behavior, bite size, and chewing frequency in order to understand eating behavior.

Noldus works together with customers around the world to provide them with the best possible tools for their research. Things like measuring behavior in natural environments, such as the consumers' home, are a challenging task. But we’re always up for a challenge! 

Consumer behavior

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Meet us at Pangborn 2017

An international Noldus delegation will be present at the Pangborn symposium this year. Consultants Jason Rogers and Xandra van der Linden will be on-site to discuss your research needs.

Product manager Hans Theuws will be presenting a poster on the validation of Baby-FaceReader during Pangborn 2017.

Analyze infant responses to food

Poster presentation - Sweet or sour: validating Baby-FaceReader to analyze infant responses to food

More on the conference program can be found online:

Come visit us at the 12th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium, booth #25 to learn more about behavioral research tools and services! We look forward to meeting you in Providence, RI, USA.