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Sensory and consumer research conferences 2018: where to go

Tuesday, 17 April, 2018

Getting to know your target audience is the best way to understand consumer choice behavior and preferences. Conferences are a great way to learn what science and industry has to offer in this area for both researchers in  commercial companies and at Universities. By attending these conferences, you can more easily discover the latest techniques to uncover patterns in behavior and learn how to apply them.

In this blog post, we’ve put together a list of sensory and consumer conferences in 2018. We look forward to meeting you there!

The Ultimate List of Sensory and Consumer Conferences

Follow our conference list to see where the upcoming events are! Did we miss any conferences on consumer behavior, marketing or sensory science? Let us know!

Are any of these meetings on your 2018 calendar?

The Third Asian Sensory and Consumer Research Symposium

13 - 15 May 2018 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The 3rd Asian Sensory and Consumer Research Symposium (SenseAsia 2018) will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 13-15 May 2018. The conference will focus on providing updates on key areas in sensory and consumer science by the world’s experts in these fields. In addition, the meeting will be a showcase for the region’s scientific and industrial practitioners to present their research in a prestigious, international context.

Kuala Lumpur

Conference topics include psychophysics and physiology, developments in measures of food choice/preference, sensory and consumer research into non-food products, and much more! 

Meet Marie-Anne Frenken, Chengfang Wang, and our Malaysian Distributor: i-DNA. 

The 47th European Marketing Academy Annual Conference

29 May - 1 June 2018 | Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Strathclyde Business School Department of Marketing is proud to be home to a vibrant community of researchers who work collaboratively to generate internationally excellent research within and across key areas of marketing discipline. EMAC 2018 is focused around the theme “People Make Marketing.”


We look forward to seeing you in Glasgow to explore how you can benefit from working with Noldus tools and solutions. We understand how to turn data into meaning! Our consultants have advanced degrees in behavioral science, which provides us with a unique ability to uncover behavioral patterns and turn them into actionable results.

Consumer Experience Lab

How to build a Consumer Experience Lab 

A Consumer Experience Lab is designed to allow you to observe consumers unobtrusively, in an environment similar to your their natural surroundings.

Check out this ‘how to’ guide, providing you with the perfect tips & tricks!

The Eleventh European ACR Conference

21-23 June 2018 | Ghent, Belgium


The European Association for Consumer Research meeting will take place in Ghent, Belgium. With keynotes from psychologist Jan De Houwer, his research specifically focuses on how spontaneous likes and dislikes can be learned and measured. In addition, it will also feature brand expert Jean-Noël Kapferer, whose research focuses on luxury brands. The EACR offers a broad program for consumer researchers all across Europe! 

Our sales consultant John de Rijk will also be there – he will be able to speak on how to build a consumer behavior lab, including the use of FaceReader and eye tracking technology.

The Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research 

2-5 September 2018 | Verona, Italy

The topic of the 2018 conference is 'A Sense of Taste,' with  specific attention to individual differences in sensory perception, liking, preference, choice and behavior. Taste is a multifaceted word that has multiple meanings.


Come meet us in booth 12 to see the latest in consumer research methods and techniques! This includes Viso for audio/video recording in multiple rooms, and FaceReader with the new addition of automatic measurement of the affective states 'interest,' 'boredom,' and 'confusion.' We will also be presenting a poster there.

We're also presenting a poster at EUROSENSE 2018. Come see it Tuesday 4 September from 16-18.30hrs. It's titled:

"Is Klorane's new shampoo relaxing? Yes, and it is scientifically measured"


Discover the benefits of Viso

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Please note: Noldus Information Technology is not responsible for organizing these conferences and events. More details on each event can be found by visiting the conference event websites.