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Top 5 most popular video tracking blog posts

Wednesday, 30 October, 2013

In this post I am looking back at our most popular posts (based on numbers of views) on video tracking. Zebrafish, optogenetics, and Parkinson’s disease are topics that dominate the list, which honestly is no surprise to me. Let me tell you about these 5 posts that are definitely worth a read if you are interested in video tracking research!

At five is Zebrafish with Parkinson’s

Zebrafish are popular lab animals, so it is no surprise they turn up in our top blog posts in such strong numbers. This article is about how they are a great model for research on Parkinson’s. It features the work of Zhao and her colleagues at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 

At fourth place: Tracking children with autism

Yes, that’s right, video tracking kids. While video tracking is mostly used in research on animals, it is not limited to it. This post features the work of Dr. Cohen and his colleagues, which is all about video tracking children with autism. 

A nice third isThe power of zebrafish in the study on Parkinson’s Disease

Another post on zebrafish, another post on Parkinson’s research. This post is about the study of Lopes de Fonseca et al. (2013).

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At second place: Optogenetics and operant conditioning

This post was actually a follow-up on the winning post that I’ve below. It is about the work of Dr. Kravitz and Dr. Kreitzer. They investigate the dopamine system in the brain, and actually involve it in operant conditioning tests via optogenetic stimulate. Very interesting research! 

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And the winner is… Optogenetics – Shining a light on brains and behavior!

I remember writing this post very well. It was a lot of fun, because it was a hot topic at that moment (and still is) and I got to talk to Garret Stuber about his work. He told me all about how he uses optogenetics  in his studies on addiction and neuropsychiatric disorders, and you can read about it in this post. It also lists a couple of great publications.