Universal emotions part two

Universal emotions part two

Friday, 8 May, 2015

Broadening horizons. That is what the students (age 14-17) of School at Sea do, literally. Starting in The Netherlands, they sail to the Caribbean and back in six months. During this voyage, they learn to develop their talents and leadership skills. How do they perceive this journey? One of the students (Hannah @ Sea) has chosen to share her 'emotional journey' with us.

world map

School at Sea challenges young people to work together and to inspire others. Let's look at a portion of  Hannah @ Sea’s trip so far. FaceReader software gives us more information.

Dominica, Curacao, Aruba, San Blas Islands, Panama

Dominica, 14-16 December 2014 – After two weeks of being at full sea, the group was glad to see land again. Hannah tells us: “I especially enjoyed the peace and quiet and of course, the good weather!”

“It was amazing to climb to the top of a mountain next to Dominica's Boiling Lake - which is Dominica's World Heritage site.” Here FaceReader analyzes Hannah's facial expressions.

surprised in facereader
Curacao and Aruba, 24-28 December 2014 – After a perfectly arranged Christmas dinner for the entire School at Sea group on Curacao, they traveled further to Aruba. It is a beautiful island, but Hannah reveals that they were more than a little bit tired and a felt a lot like doing nothing.

San Blas Islands, Panama, 8-9 January 2015 – Hannah: “This is honestly the most beautiful Island that I have ever seen.” She had the most wonderful time there. It’s beautiful to wake up on an uninhabited island. The group also went sailing in small boats. Hannah’s facial expression reveals happiness and a little surprise and fear:

Captain and Hannah in a boat

And the captain of the boat… He shows signs of utter concentration.

Panama, 17-25 January 2015 – “In Panama, we swam a lot and had loads of fun.” The School at Sea is definitely an emotional journey. Later on Hannah tells us that the group had to walk for miles and that she didn’t feel like walking any further – thus explaining the angry face. 

Angry face in facereader

We hope Hannah sails home safely and enjoys the School at Sea experience!

The Journey

Read part one about the departure from Amsterdam, and the first outings to Brest and Tenerife. Read more about Hannah's journey on her own blog (in Dutch).

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