What is bringing consumer scientists to Berlin this month?

What is bringing consumer scientists to Berlin this month?

Wednesday, 12 October, 2016

What is bringing consumer scientists from the US to Berlin this month? Is it Brexit? Is it the urge to investigate the differences between Spanish male and Dutch female online buying behaviors? Or is it because consumer scientists would like to investigate advertisement strategies in Italy and Sweden?


It is a conference, end of October, that is bringing consumer behavior experts to Europe. I would say: Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welkom, and Bienvenido!

Coming up: consumer behavior research conference in Berlin

This year the Association for Consumer Research Conference will be held outside of North America. All attendees are welcomed to Berlin, Germany from Thursday, October 27 through Sunday, October 30 for this groundbreaking, boundary-spanning conference.

Of course, Noldus will also be exhibiting in Berlin. But, instead of our US office, the regional office in Germany will take up the challenge to show the latest tools and methods in behavioral research.

Bring out the red carpet

I could have known that the US consumer scientists would bring Hollywood to Berlin. The 2016 ACR Conference in Berlin will include the Association’s 15th annual film festival. 10 Film Festival directors will review teasers and after decisions have been made regarding accepted submissions, the teasers will be on view for ACR audience. Interested? Browse last years’ videos here.

Explore Berlin

But not without any guidance. The ACR made sure nobody would get lost in the city and Katja H. Brunk, Thomas Eichentopf, and Andrea Weihrauch wrote up the ACR guide to Berlin http://www.acrweb.org/acr/assets/guide.pdf which the authors end with “ Enjoy ACR, enjoy beautiful and crazy Berlin and make sure to replicate our findings in all possible ways.”

So even if you’re not visiting the ACR conference this year, print the guide because its written in a very nice way and contains tons of useful information if you’re ever going to explore Berlin or other cities in Germany!

Consumer research labs in Europe

Since you’ve crossed the ocean already, take some extra time and visit for example the Restaurant of the Future, Wageningen, The Netherlands or the Foodscape lab, Copenhagen, Denmark. Both are really worth your while.

Foodscape lab

As an innovative research facility the Foodscape lab is in constant motion and aiming at offering the most update facilities for the study of human behavior in real life food situations. At present the FSL offer the following services:

  • Equipment and software for observational studies of intake of individuals and the calculation of food intake
  • Equipment and software that can measure consumer response to different foods using cameras and specialized software
  • Equipment and software that can be used to observe, capture, edit and analyses consumer behavior in “out of lab” foodscapes such as schools, kindergartens, cafeterias, street food settings, etc.

Restaurant of the Future

The Restaurant of the Future

This restaurant or ‘living lab’ is an environment in which scientists and marketers can observe restaurant frequenters in conditioned situations for prolonged periods of time with the help of state-of-the-art observation and sensory technology.

This research can include behavior, food choice, design and layout, the influence of lighting on buying and eating behavior, presentation, traffic flow, taste, packaging, preparation, and countless other aspects involving out of home eating and drinking.

Check out the websites of the Foodscape lab and the Restaurant of the Future for more information or go talk to the Noldus representative in at the 2016 ACR Conference Exhibit.


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