Why you should use FaceReader Online for your human behavior research

Why you should use FaceReader Online for your human behavior research

Posted by Natasja Bogers on Mon 26 Jun. 2023 - 3 minute read

If you are involved in any kind of research into human behavior, you’re likely wanting to get insights in how people feel. One way to do this is by choosing observational research, however, this form of research can be time-consuming and subjective. Facial expression analysis can help to get objective insights into people's emotions. A great tool to use for this is FaceReader Online.

Why you should use FaceReader Online for your human behavior research

Human behavior has fascinated us human beings, probably since our existence. Why do we act the way we do? And how has our behavior and lifestyle changed over the centuries? It's a topic that has been studied extensively.

Nowadays, market research and studies into consumer behavior are popular as well, especially amongst anyone working in marketing. After all, don't we want to know how our customers feel and what they want?

Using FaceReader Online in market and consumer research

Consumer behavior research focuses on studying consumer actions (in the moment) and getting to know the underlying motives. This type of research benefits from systematic observation and a structural analysis, providing key insights to successfully predict consumer preference and consumer buying behavior.

Facial expression analysis is one way to get objective insights into the emotions of consumers. A great tool to use is FaceReader Online.

Based on proven technology

FaceReader Online is an online research tool that allows you to capture responses to websites or videos, based on proven facial expression analysis technology. It's built by the developers of FaceReader, the premier automated software tool for facial expression and emotion analysis that is used at over 1,000 sites worldwide. So, there are no worries when it comes to reliable and stable software for your research. Time is money and you do not want to waste it.

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Provides direct insights into human behavior

Capturing emotions by analyzing facial expressions offers additional and objective insights. You can study the impact, appreciation, liking, and disliking of products, mobile apps, websites, commercials, movie trailers, and so on.

FaceReader Online delivers you direct insight into human responses – such as joy, sadness, or arousal. Whilst FaceReader is not capable of recognizing or identifying faces or people, it is the ideal online tool for facial expression analysis. It makes it very easy to see which video or website element triggers the desired responses from respondents. It can also be combined with questionnaires (likert scale, multiple choice, open).

While your test participant answers the questions, you can automatically measure their facial expressions. The primary reactions of test subjects are recorded, without any bias. Person-specific biases can be calibrated automatically. Emotion data is analyzed immediately in FaceReader, thus saving you valuable time and money.

FaceReader Online is also integrated with FaceReader 9.1. A great benefit of this integration is that you can always import your online data into the FaceReader 9.1 software for additional analyses, helping you to gain even more insights in your data.

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Easily incorporated into your research

One of the biggest advantages of FaceReader Online is that this version runs online on a cloud server and does not need any on-site installation. As FaceReader only requires a webcam and the easy-to-use software needs no calibration, emotions of test participants are measured unobtrusively.

This means that you can test appreciation or impact on-site while participants can stay at home, allowing you to incorporate a much larger number of participants. Simply invite your participants with a personalized email to participate in a remote survey. You can include questions defined in FaceReader Online or choose your own survey software, like Qualtrics.

FaceReader Online is developed by Human Insight Services B.V., which is an initiative of VicarVision and Noldus Information Technology. Find out more about FaceReader Online here.

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