CatWalk XT


Most cited, compared to other systems and methods

CatWalk XT is by far the most cited gait analysis system in the world. 

There are over 2400 publications based on CatWalk XT, which is at least 6 times more than with any other gait analysis system!


Customer quote

"CatWalk XT is an invaluable tool for our research and provides a reliable and detailed analysis of gait and how it varies in our disease models."

Dr. J Cooper|Washington University School of Medicine, USA


Why researchers choose CatWalk XT

As you can see, most researchers select CatWalk XT over other solutions. Here's why:

  1. Turn-key solution

    CatWalk XT is a complete gait analysis system, including all necessary hardware and software. With researchers and animals in mind, we created a robust, user-friendly tool, which provides you with very accurate and comprehensive data.  

  2. Voluntary moving animals

    Many people assume that all animals will walk or run at the same speed if they use treadmill or treadwheel. However, this is not the case. Read why it is important to enable the animal to walk in its intrinsic speed in this blog post: CatWalk XT gait analysis versus treadmills. Don’t get us wrong, we do believe that speed is important to look at! For this reason, you can easily adjust for speed and speed variations in the CatWalk XT software.

  3. A high-speed color camera

    For extremely accurate spatial and temporal resolution.

    CatWalk XT footprints and rat catwalk in the back
  4. Dim red LED lights in the ceiling of the walkway 

    We all know that rodents are photophobic pray animals, easily stressed in bright lit environment. With this in mind, CatWalk XT utilizes a dim red light, allowing you to still see a contour of the animal and at the same time minimizes stress for the test subject, which results in reduced side effect of the testing method.  

  5. Adjustable light intensity

    Adjustable light intensity of the red LED lights in the ceiling and green LED lights along the walkway enable you to reach optimal detection of each paw of the animal, no matter its weight, size, impairment, or the environmental light conditions.

  6. Automatic classification of the footprints

    Classifying the footprints is done automatically and – at least as importantly – quickly and efficiently. It literally only takes seconds.

  7. Very detailed and accurate identification of paw prints

    A problem many other print-measuring systems (recording from below a translucent stepping surface) face is that the software detects the paws during the entire gait cycle. This means, every part of the paw (and sometimes additional body part) is taken into consideration, even though part of this paw might not be touching the floor and is not part of the actual print at that moment in time. These systems rely on simple assumptions to determine if the paw is in a swing or stance phase, causing errors in the results and preventing detection of important gait impairments. With CatWalk XT you will never encounter this problem.  

  8. You are in charge of the system

    In contrast to other gait analysis systems, CatWalk XT automatically detects classification conflicts and allows you to (re)classify the print if needed. You are still in charge over the system, whereas other systems will in this case provide you with false results! 

  9. Get results quick and easy

    With CatWalk XT software, qualitative and quantitative parameters can be evaluated in one analysis. Click HERE to find more information on what parameters can be calculated with our software.

  10. We are there for you!

    We are always prepared to help you and give you the support you need to make your research a success. We are happy to come on site, install the system and give you and your staff a complete training on CatWalk XT. Even when you are an experienced user, your personal account manager will still visit you from time to time and provide you with new information and knowledge about the product.


Customer quote

"As Kappos and colleagues described earlier for functional nerve recovery in a small animal model, the CatWalk system is the only technique which can reliably analyse dynamic gait parameters, including swing speed, stand duration, and interlimb coordination."

University of Aachen Medical Center|Gait & Posture 77 (2020), 207–213


CatWalk XT around the world

CatWalk XT is the most commonly used gait analysis device worldwide. We receive a lot of positive feedback from our users and encounter many people who want to switch from other gait analysis systems (like DigiGait) to CatWalk XT. We would be happy to introduce CatWalk XT in more detail to you and walk you through all advantages of the system.

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