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For innovators

Have you developed a behavioral research tool that might enhance the portfolio of Noldus? We would like to discuss the possibilities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Coding scheme exchange

To assist our customers with good experimental design and methodology, we are developing an online tool where you can upload and download coding schemes. You can use these coding schemes as example material for students or as basic coding schemes for your own research projects. For example, download a coding scheme used to analyze parent-child interaction. This coding scheme includes two behavioral groups: verbal behavior and play behavior, such as functional use, imaginary play, or agent play. Visit to learn more!


LinkedIn’s groups allow you to join communities of professionals who share common experiences, passions, interests, affiliations or goals. We offer you the possibility to meet other users and discuss research and product related topics with Noldus Product Groups. In these LinkedIn Product Groups or forums you can submit news for discussion, see all members and contact them, and easily contact the Product Portfolio Managers to submit ideas about how our products can be improved. Many of our customers have had a chance to meet each other personally on numerous occasions, such as conferences or user meetings so why not meet eachother online? Join now!

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Measuring Behavior conferences

Noldus Information Technology regularly organizes an international scientific conference on methods and techniques used in behavioral research. The biennial Measuring Behavior offers a diverse program packed with varied presentations on new methods and techniques, scientific tours to local research facilities, technical training sessions, workshops, user meetings, and an enjoyable social program. Measuring Behavior 2016 was successfully held in Dublin, Ireland. Around three hundred delegates from 30+ countries assembled for the 10th international conference on methods and techniques in behavioral research. To stay up to date on this behavioral conference, follow Measuring Behavior on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Sign up here for announcements and news on the Measuring Behavior 2018 conference in Manchester, United Kingdom or join Measuring Behavior on social media.