Hardware set-up and installation

We design user-friendly, turn-key observation labs that are tailored to meet your research needs. When conducting experiments and observations, you don't want to waste valuable time setting up and controlling your hardware and software. In a Noldus Observation Lab, all equipment is fully integrated, allowing you to operate all components and make recordings on one central computer in the control room, while an intercom enables you to communicate with your test participants. You can obtain high quality recordings without the trouble of setting up a lab yourself! 

Dome camera for unobtrusive observations.
Mother-child interaction
Study parent-child interaction in great detail.

Stable and robust equipment, all fully integrated

Stable images, high quality video recordings, and clear recordings of speech and other sounds make all the difference in your research results. Simply put, you need to hear and see how your participants are communicating. In a Noldus Observation Lab, you can benefit from the most up-to-date hardware equipment. You can hear, see, and record everything in high quality and great detail. Moreover, all cables, cameras, and microphones are hidden in the walls and ceilings, allowing your test participants to feel at ease and behave in the most natural way.

Turn-key Observation Lab 

If you look at this example floor plan of a fixed Observation Lab you can see that a lot is possible. On the floor plan you see a control room with an audio-visual system, multiple monitors for viewing camera images, a speaker, a push microphone, and a joy stick for controlling the Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP cameras.

On the right side is the observation room. It is equipped with multiple dome cameras, hidden microphones, and a speaker for the intercom. The Observer XT controls the equipment, records the video, and allows the researcher to code behavior live while recording. It is easy to work with equipment that all works together perfectly.