It is the philosophy of Noldus Information Technology to organize business processes in such a way that there is maximum reuse of materials and minimal waste. Noldus strives to carry out all its operations in an ecologically sustainable manner. Lucas Noldus, president of Noldus writes, “Personally I am all for small and medium-sized businesses giving more attention to sustainability, most people work for small companies and there is plenty of scope for improvement there”.  Sustainability fits the core values of Noldus.

Putting theory into practice

Our commitment to sustainability is not only a theoretical concept. We put it into practice every day. For instance, our catalogs are printed on FSC paper. FSC products are verified to be from sustainably harvested forests. Our catalogs are produced in a completely carbon-neutral process. 

122 solar panels, sedum roof, and LED lighting

At our international headquarters, we strive to make our building as sustainability friendly as possible. The majority of lighting contains sensors which automatically dim the lights according to the level of daylight. Other lights have been replaced with the latest state-of-the-art LED lighting.

We have installed a green Sedum roof on part of the building. Our grounds are managed ecologically (with no use of chemicals) and planted with native trees and shrubs resulting in a wildlife-friendly environment.

122 solar panels have been placed on the roof. Together with the new climate system based on heat pumps, our company has made a large step towards being one of the most environmentally friendly companies in our business area! April 2018, representatives of the municipality Wageningen were at our headquarters to celebrate the retirement of our gas consumption!

Operating worldwide

The biggest impact that our company has on the environment comes from all the travelling we do. We often need to have face-to-face contact with colleagues and customers in other countries, and we value that contact. Nevertheless, we strive to minimize the impact in a number of ways. Colleagues are encouraged to cycle to work, and when possible, trips are made with public transportation. We are also making use of internet technology more often when face-to-face visits are not necessary. Technical support is frequently delivered using software that enables our engineers to connect to the customers’ computers directly, training courses are given remotely across the internet more and more, and communication between our worldwide offices is encouraged using the internet with recent investments in extra bandwidth capacity.

We are aware that there is always more we can do to improve our sustainability. In this respect, we are open to your suggestions. If you have any ideas about how we can improve our sustainability, please let us know.