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Training courses

"Thank you very much (Dr Leanne Loijens) for these two days of fruitful training. You answered a lot of questions about The Observer XT and Theme. I have considerably advanced on different aspects of my resarch thanks to your advanced knowledge of the software AND of the methodology of observational research. It was very nice to share my research with you" [Marie Bocquillon, PhD student, Mons, Belgium]

“Thank you again (Dr. Nadege Krebs) not only for your deep competence, mental agility, and didactic efficacy in the EthoVision XT and The Observer XT training here in Rome, but also for your friendly sympathy and kind availability.” [Dr. Andrea Di Giulio, Rome, Italy]

“Leanne Loijens helped me out with a lot of things I wondered about. It was worth the trip down from Northern Norway.” [Mr. Ofstad, Norway]

“Very professional installation and training. Helpful, patient, excellent communication and knowledge of the system.” [Dr. Brick, Orange, CA, USA]

“The technical aspects of the training were excellent, we had a diverse audience with differing levels of expertise and I think we were the most impressed with the hands on training we received and the instructors ability to comprehensively answer questions.” [Greg Hallihan, Canada]

“Our training was customized to our needs…. We are very pleased with how our training dealt with our unique circumstances" [Dr. Paul Rapnicki, USA]

“Me and my colleague got this individual course of EthoVision, Catwalk, and The Observer over 3 days. It was good and informative. We enjoyed the big knowledge the trainer had and all the new info of the system we did not know. All the issues we bring to Noldus the trainer solves for us.” [Mr. Chau Le, Denmark]

"We are very grateful for the training, we enjoyed it. These training days gave us a lot of knowledge and new ideas for experiments. Dr. Olga Krips is a good training consultant” 

[Dr. Angela Ploomi, Estonia]

"Patrick Zimmerman is an excellent trainer and a professional. I appreciate his help a lot. He is the right person at the right place" [Dr. Radek Ptáček, Czech Republic]

"Noldus did a great job on organizing the training course. The team we sent out was great and very helpful" [Merck, NJ, USA]

“Thank you (Dr. Olga Krips) again for last week’s training course. We’ve experienced it as a great step in the right direction so we can get started quickly in our field lab in Delft. It was exactly what we expected from the training course.” [Ir. Joyce Bouwens, The Netherlands]


“Would also like to say thanks for the excellent support I have gotten from Rolf Leurink in the weeks before Christmas.” [Mr. Ofstad, Norway]

"I think the support staff is exceptional. They are very available and knowledgeable and make the difference between a complex, expensive software program that sits on your shelf in a box, and one that is an integral part of your research methodology” [Dr. Alberta Pos, Canada]

“My technical support was excellent, and there was never a problem getting a response" [Dr. Cynthia Smeraski, USA]

"The response time for questions is fast. The personal contact is very good" [Dr. Geir K. Knudsen, Norway]

"Great experience. A single email immediately solved a problem that I had been working on for days” [Dr. Drake Morgan, USA]

"The technical support and product knowledge of Noldus' staff is superior and platinum standard. Their commitment to helping customers troubleshoot software and hardware problems and their persistance in making sure a solution is found, is the reason labs like my own go to them for software and hardware" [Dr. Stephen Bonasera, USA]

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