How Noldus is responding to COVID-19

Helping our customers

Continue your research during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are currently facing lab closures and have to work from home, trying to keep research projects going. Noldus Information Technology wants to help you to continue your project in your home office. We hope you will find the options below of use, so that you can continue your work remotely.


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Working from home

Work remotely with your software: EthoVision XT or CatWalk XT

If you have CatWalk XT runs or EthoVision XT track files that need to be analyzed, please note that the analysis functions in CatWalk XT and EthoVision XT do not require a USB license key (dongle) meaning you can run your analyses at home without the USB key attached.

Furthermore, video tracking via remote desktop could be an option if you still have data to acquire and your EthoVision XT USB license key is stuck in the lab. Learn more here


Site licenses of The Observer XT and FaceReader

If your lab has single-user licenses, it might be that you just weren’t able to collect your key before your lab was closed. Or perhaps you cannot access your lab’s site license from home. In these cases, you can obtain a temporary license from us free of charge. For this purpose, Noldus Information Technology makes 1,000 remote-access licenses of FaceReader and The Observer XT available. You will experience exactly the same or better functionality as you would have done in your lab. These are full licenses, including all modules. The licenses are provided on a first come, first served basis. We will run this service until March 31, 2021.

Fair use policy 

Our fair use policy limits the number of remote access codes per registered user at 10. If there is room at our server, we will of course hand out the codes, but if we run out, we will have to reduce the number of access codes to the number of licenses that you have originally purchased.


Free one-hour training courses

Refresh your knowledge of EthoVision XT, CatWalk XT, FaceReader, or The Observer XT. This may be a good time to familiarize yourself with the latest version. We are offering a free one-hour remote walkthrough to all users with a current NoldusCare subscription.

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Educational use of our software

If you are a teacher, the trial license of EthoVision XT or The Observer XT can be a solution to facilitate your behavioral research classes.


Working from home strategies

For general tips about staying healthy while working at home, read the blog post 'Working from home strategies' by our consultant Jason Rogers, which was on our Behavioral Research Blog.

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Grant Assistance Program

While you are home-bound, this is the perfect time to prepare for your post-corona research and make sure you have the funding to restart your lab. We can help you with this: learn more about the Noldus Grant Assistance Program.

We hope that these services help to lessen the burden of the COVID-19 related challenges. If you need any other assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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Selfie gallery

Now more than ever it is important to feel connected with each other. This selfie gallery shows users and developers of Noldus software around the world who contribute to the study of behavior, health and wellbeing of humans and animals, and who continue to do so under tough circumstances. Scientists, students, clinicians, teachers, programmers, engineers, trainers, consultants, and account managers: we are all in this together!

Meet the go-getters facing the same difficulties as you during this global crisis. And please stay safe and healthy!