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Reference: JoVE, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology
Dennie Wulterkens, Secta Medical
Marie-Laure Di Fabio, Desjardins Group
Dr. Jocelien Olivier, University of Groningen
The role of sensory evaluation
Prof. Dr. Susan Duncan, Virginia Tech
Agricultural leadership and communication education
Dr. Tiffany Drape, Virginia Tech
Dr. Marijn van Wingerden, Heinrich Heine University
Prof. Julien Mercier, Université du Québec à Montréal
Diana L. Price, NeuroPore Therapies
Prof. Pierre-Majorique Léger, HEC Montréal and Tech3Lab
Dr. Atif Waraich, Liverpool John Moores University
Dr. Thomas Prévôt, University of Toronto
Dr. Christina Semeniuk, University of Windsor
Tiffany Andry & Damien De Meyere, University of Louvain
Dr. Jean-Luc do Rego and Dr. Jean-Claude do Rego, University of Rouen
Marie Bocquillon, University of Mons
Dr. Audrey Ervin, Delaware Valley University
Prof. Roberto Rimondini , University of Bologna
Jean-Marc Diverrez, B<>Com Institute of Research and Technology
Prof. Kees de Graaf, Wageningen University & Research
Dr. Ruud van den Bos, Radboud University

Our customers

Our customer list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, we have worked together with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and with small universities and the top 10 universities and research institutes around the world. Every day, since 1989, we have been devoting our innovation power to our customers, achieving great successes and building lasting relationships. Together we can elevate your research and build your ideal research set-up: designed with you and built by us.

Here is a sample of our customers:

noldus customers

Take a tour through the labs of some of our customers

A large number of research, training, and simulation labs from all over the world, all recently built and in active use, take you on a tour and show you how they designed their rooms, what equipment they chose, and which software tools are used for data collection and analysis.

Noldus works together with customers around the world to provide them with the best possible tools for their research. Enjoy the tours!

Radboud University
Zebrafish research with EthoVision XT and DanioVision
University of Rouen
Behavioral Analysis Facility
The Bloakes neuromarketing toolset
GameLab Hohenheim
Gaming studies
Delaware Valley University
A dedicated counseling psychology lab
Stuttgart Media University
User Experience Lab
NeuroPore Therapies
Neurodegenerative disease studies
University of Toronto
Assessing anxiety and depression in rodents
Secta Medical
Simulation-based training in an immersive room
Wageningen University & Research
Sensory science and eating behavior
University of Mons
Interaction between trainee teacher and students
Boeing AH-64 D/E Apache simulator systems integration
University of British Columbia
Centre for Infant Cognition
The O.U.C.H. Lab
How caregivers and children interact within the context of pain
Tech3Lab Montreal
From data collection to insightful results

Recent blog posts


Nearly impossible to video track: small shrimp

Gammarus shrimps are exceptionally difficult to track, but Noldus solved the puzzle, resulting in interesting insights into its ecology.

How does handedness relate to infant language development?

Developing motor skills appears to be related to language abilities. Researcher Sandy Gonzalez and her team conducted a study to investigate whether consistency in handedness predicts receptive and expressive language.

Observing and analyzing repetitive movements in infants to detect autism

To examine if a specific repertoire of repetitive movements was present in children with autism, researchers used home videos to code the behaviors of the infants.
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