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Using EthoVision XT as an educational tool
Dr. Jocelien Olivier, University of Groningen
The role of sensory evaluation
Prof. Dr. Susan Duncan, Virginia Tech
Agricultural leadership and communication education
Dr. Tiffany Drape, Virginia Tech
Social learning behavior in rats
Dr. Marijn van Wingerden, Heinrich Heine University
NeuroLab - serious gaming
Prof. Julien Mercier, Université du Québec à Montréal
Neurodegenerative disease studies
Diana L. Price, NeuroPore Therapies
UX Lab - Tech3Lab
Prof. Pierre-Majorique Léger, HEC Montréal and Tech3Lab
Immersive Technology Lab
Dr. Atif Waraich, Liverpool John Moores University
Study anxiety and depression to transform mental health care
Dr. Thomas Prévôt, University of Toronto
Predictive ecology: Studying behavior in the Great Lakes
Dr. Christina Semeniuk, University of Windsor
Social Media Lab
Tiffany Andry & Damien De Meyere, University of Louvain
Behavioral Analysis Facility
Dr. Jean-Luc do Rego and Dr. Jean-Claude do Rego, University of Rouen
Improve teacher practices
Marie Bocquillon, University of Mons
Counseling Psychology Program
Dr. Audrey Ervin, Delaware Valley University
Neuropsychopharmacological research
Prof. Roberto Rimondini , University of Bologna
How to measure emotions
Jean-Marc Diverrez, B<>Com Institute of Research and Technology
Studying eating behavior
Prof. Kees de Graaf, Wageningen University & Research
Zebrafish behavioral research
Dr. Ruud van den Bos, Radboud University

Take a tour through the labs of some of our customers

Human behavior research labs

  • KPN Experience Lab
    KPN is the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands. They believe in a society in which communication technology makes life richer, easier, and fuller
  • University of British Columbia
    The Centre for Infant Cognition (CIC), at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada, uses analysis tools provided by Noldus for detailed behavioral coding.
  • Boeing
    Boeing and Noldus have partnered to work on the integration, testing, and validation of a Apache simulator system
  • Aegon
    The new Customer Experience Centre, will enable Aegon to evaluate and discuss the accessibility and user-friendliness of their services
  • George Brown College
    A modern simulated learning environment that provides trainees an opportunity to put theory into practice in a safe and controlled environment.

Animal behavior research labs

  • University Toronto
    Assessing anxiety and depression in rodents in order to understand the underlying mechanisms of chronic stress exposure
  • University of Groningen
    EthoVision XT as an education tool: In the minor neuroscience, students learn how to use EthoVision XT
  • Heinrich Heine University
    The Social Rodent Lab is studying social learning behavior in rats, by using EthoVision XT and UltraVox XT
  • University Rouen
    In the behavioral analysis facility, they are evaluating the behavioral and functional activities of new pharmacological drugs
  • University Windsor
    Fish species in the Great Lakes are facing human-induced rapid ecological change. Dr. Semeniuk’s lab studies animal behavior in great detail in order to learn how the animals are behaving, but also whether or not they have the capability to persist

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