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Baby & Child Research Center

At the Baby & Child Research Center (BRC) in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, researchers are part of a large European Research project that collects data to identify differences in behavior and brain development in young children. 

During our visit at the BRC, professor Sabine Hunnius explains that the better we understand typical and atypical development, the better we will be able to develop treatments and interventions for children with developmental conditions, such as autism and ADHD. Because there is still so much to learn about early brain development, typical and atypical development, and understanding the mechanisms that drive typical and atypical development, a study like this is very important.

Johanna Harder, research assistant, explains more about the behavioral and developmental tests that are done to gain better insight in how, for example, autism or ADHD develops, what the children's social skills are, and what their developmental age is.  


Prof. Sabine Hunnius: "Our research would not be possible without enthusiastic families who participate"

All the participating parents and children play an extremely important role in the progress of research and scientific insightsWith their help, we can collect as much data as possible about the developmental characteristics of children with and without developmental conditions.

Watch the video to take a look into the Baby & Child Research Center at Radboud University and learn why recording observations is essential.



Customer quote

“It is very important that we can videotape a whole room with for example a dyad of a caretaker and a child who are playing together from different angles so we see the parent as well as the child at the same time." 

Prof. Sabine Hunnius   | Radboud University, Nijmegen

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