Ede Christian University of Applied Sciences (CHE)

Education and training in a UX lab

The UX lab that is set up at the Ede Christian University of Applied Sciences is intended to study human behavior. For example students' behaviors during mock interviews or when they are practising conversation skills. But also to study interactions with (digital) products such as websites and applications using eye tracking. Under the guidance of teachers, students conduct research into the usability of their clickable prototypes.

In the viewing room students watch the sessions of fellow students live or play back sessions to annotate and provide feedback. The lab is a huge asset to the curriculum from which not only students but also professionals benefit greatly. The lab is packed with innovative technology, including AV recording tool Viso and Tobii eye trackers. 

In this customer success story, Marnix Bras, teacher at the faculty Information Communication Technology (ICT), shows us what the lab is used for and how this benefits students in their education.


Marnix Bras: "By using the UX lab it gets more real. That is the feedback we get"

Providing education in a UX lab gives a much more realistic picture for students of how user experience can be measured and what the results can be. They see first hand how others interact with their prototype, where users look at, but also what they don't look at. Only then do students realize that users do not read. All users do is scan a web page. They look for a menu, buttons or images, not for text. That is an important learning experience.


The added value of an AV Lab in the field of education, training, and research 

Also watch an impression of the user meeting that took place at CHE: https://vimeo.com/955912216

A group of 30 external people came to listen to four very different and interesting talks, had a chance to see the UX lab and got hands-on experience with the equipment.


Customer quote

If you start to observe with more than one people, you get more insights. That's what I want to learn my students.

Marnix Bras|Ede Christian University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands


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