Desjardins LabUX

UX Research at Canada's leading cooperative financial group

Marie-Laure Di Fabio is a senior User Researcher at Desjardins Group, Canada’s leading financial cooperative group. Desjardins Group entrusted her with implementing its new Neuro UX laboratory, the LabUX, they launched in June 2019.


UX Research at Desjardins Group

Desjardins Group aims to offer the best online experience to its members and customers, whether it’s on their website or in other digital apps. The company sees the great value of getting its members feedback to make sure it increases the value for the final customer when developing its digital solutions.

Marie-Laure Di Fabio played a key role evangelizing the importance of taking design decisions based on empirical data gathered by highly skilled researchers and reliable technologies in a business context. While those technologies are highly recognized and used by the scientific community, Desjardins Group did not hesitate to take the leap forward to enhance its user centric corporate culture.

marie laure difabio labux desjardins customer success story

"Noldus is there to help us"

In setting up their lab, Marie-Laure Di Fabio encountered some challenges and found that trust is key when leading this kind of project. Having Noldus as one go-to partner that dealt with all technical aspects has helped create a User Experience Lab Desjardins is very proud of.

In this video, Marie-Laure Di Fabio tells you about the process of setting up their UX lab and the types of output their studies provide.


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How to build a usability lab

To get off to a good start, it is best to describe the research or tests that are going to be performed in great detail. With this description, it becomes clear what kind of equipment will be needed, and which physical environment would best suit this user test or research. 

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