Leipzig University - Faculty of Education

Research in Educational Psychology

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Latzko and Dr. Sandra Dietrich show us the upgrade of their lab at the Faculty of Education, Leipzig University in Germany. With this new lab, they will start a whole new line of research in educational psychology.


Dr. S. Dietrich: "To get good answers, we need new methodology."

The research team is focusing on professionalization of teachers and with the upgrade of their lab, they are able to measure facial expressions automatically instead of relying on self-reports. Also, the now installed Tobii eye tracker enables them to include reading research in their study.

Watch the video to learn more about why they choose Noldus' tools.


Customer quote

“We need a lab that works; where people very quickly can learn how to work with all the software and the technology. 
That is what we got from Noldus.”

Dr. S. Dietrich| Leipzig University, Germany

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