MARIN - Maritime research institute

Human factor research in a ship bridge simulator

Hans Huisman shows us around a state-of-the-art ship bridge simulator at MARIN: one of the world's leading maritime research institutes. They are also developing a brand new 'seven oceans simulation center' which is integrated with a Noldus toolkit for human factor research. Take a look in their playground, and how they do multimodal research into human decision making. 


Hans Huisman: "Our goal is to not only have technical data from the simulator, but also have hard data on the performance of the crew"

A full ship's crew can be trained and observed at the simulators of MARIN, in which they can be introduced to all kinds of challenging conditions. Debriefing takes place directly after a simulation where their decision making and performance in these 'safety critical' situation can be directly evaluated and improved. 

Watch the video to learn more about why they like to partner with Noldus.


Customer quote

“Noldus has a lot of knowledge on human performance, data collection and synchronizing data sources" 

Hans Huisman| MARIN, Wageningen, The Netherlands

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