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Simulation-based training in an immersive room

A well-constructed simulation-based training enables students and professionals to answer the question, “If I do this, what happens?". When such a training takes place in an immersive room, it offers a lifelike experience. Moreover, by adding Viso as the video feedback tool, efficient debriefing of the training is assured. Dennie Wulterkens, a paramedic and owner of Secta Medical, informs us about the benefits.


Dennie Wulterkens: "Simulation means you have to interact with your team members."

During a simulation-based training, students, nurses, or medical professionals interact with each other to learn how to perform in a certain situation. It offers a safe environment, in which you can make mistakes, without the risk of harming a real patient. A perfect setting for learning. 

Dennie explains that using Viso as a dedicated debriefing system enables you to look back at your own and each other’s performance and see what the interactions were. People learn a lot from this. 


Customer quote

"Viso is a dedicated debrief program, the sessions are filmed from different angles and we can go back to certain moments which we can highlight, to make sure everybody can look back at their own performance. That is very worthwhile." 

Dennie Wulterkens|Secta Medical, The Netherlands

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