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User Experience Lab

The Information Experience and Design (IXD) Research Group at Stuttgart Media University, in Germany, aims to make experiences with interactive representations of information more enjoyable and motivating. Its research activities focus on understanding the needs and behavior of users, on developing evaluation methodology, and on improving the user-centered design of interactive systems.

They completed several impressive projects in the past and currently work on four different projects; digital storytelling as an innovative didactic approach for economics education, conception and design of an instruction video for Whirlpool, Design4Xperience, and 3D-GUIde.

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Stuttgart User Experience Lab

The IXD Group runs a state-of-the-art Usability and User Experience Research Lab for carrying out experiments and evaluations. It provides an environment which helps them to understand people and their way of using technology. The UX Lab has recently been renewed and greatly expanded, using Noldus’ software.

The new UX Lab consists of three rooms: one room for observation, supervision and audio-video-record control and two study rooms, to perform two studies simultaneously. The Lab provides equipment such as eye tracking systems, a wireless EEG system, FaceReader, and The Observer XT. The UX Lab helps them to understand their target groups and to develop technology which is designed around their user’s needs.

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