University of Mons

Interaction between trainee teacher and students

Marie Bocquillon “We train future teachers to use the tools we have developed in order to improve the teacher practices.” 

Click on the play button to find out why Marie Bocquillon of the Institute of Educational Management of the University of Mons in Belgium uses Noldus' software for her research about improving teacher practices. 


Improving teacher practices

Marie Bocquillon uses two labs, an observation lab, where trainee teachers are videotaped while giving a lesson to their peer students, and an interaction lab, where the video feedback sessions takes place. These feedback sessions are conducted based on the video of the trainee’s teaching practice performance that has been annotated by the supervisor. During debriefing, the supervisor and the trainee teacher watch and discuss how the trainee teacher acted during the lesson.


Innovative tools to analyze interactions

Both labs are equipped with The Observer XT to record all the sessions. The software enables Bocquillon to analyze the interaction between supervisor and trainee. She concludes that it is important to train future teachers to look critically at their own performances to achieve a higher-level education in the end.

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