University of Windsor

Predictive ecology: Studying behavior in the Great Lakes

Fish species in the Great Lakes are facing human-induced rapid ecological change. Dr. Semeniuk’s lab studies animal behavior in great detail in order to learn how the animals are behaving, but also whether or not they have the capability to persist. Dr. Christina Seminiuk is an associate professor at the University of Windsor, Canada and her lab is using EthoVision XT, which helps them to quantify behavior.


Customer quote

"When you are studying behavior, there is so much variation among individuals, that it requires a very large sample size to tease apart what are actually behavioral phenotypes or differences, and because of those large sample sizes, using an automated software is really the only way to realistically analyze and quantify that data."

Dr. K. Janisse|University of Windsor, Canada


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EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyzes the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal. Request a free trial to test this software platform for your research.


Customer quote

"EthoVision is helping my Master and my PhD students and my lab as a whole with reliability. There are certain metrics that we are getting from the behaviors we are noticing that are highly quantifiable. EthoVision allows us to quantify behavior, not just qualify behavior."

Dr. C. Semeniuk|University of Windsor, Canada

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