Remote support

Remote support is useful if:

  • You want Noldus support to show you how to do something on your own computer
  • You want Noldus support to check, alter or fix some settings on your own computer

How to use TeamViewer for remote support from Noldus

  1. Download TeamViewer Support. You can either download the executable, or if that is a problem, download the zip file and unpack it to a temporary folder.
  2. Run the file you have just downloaded
  3. Inform Noldus support what your ID is (e.g. copy/paste to a mail)
  4. Noldus support will start the connection from their end and you will then see a new window from TeamViewer (see below). You can still use your computer as normal, but in addition Noldus will be able to control your computer.
  5. To enable the audio, click on the headphone icon the TeamViewer program, and un-mute your microphone. We recommend that you use a headset for better quality sound, but if you do not have one, you can use the built-in microphone and speakers of your laptop.  You can find the settings for chat, video and file-sharing in the same place.


remote support
Inform us what your ID is. 
Set up the TeamViewer program.