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Looking for a zebrafish larvae research tool? DanioVision is the complete system designed for high-throughput tracking of zebrafish larvae and other small organisms.

Why you should use DanioVision

  • A complete, high quality, and validated solution.
  • Unique and robust design for accurate video tracking in each well.
  • Includes EthoVision XT for powerful video tracking and analysis.

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two zebrafish larvae

Zebrafish larvae activity studies

Larvae activity and movement patterns are basic measurements used in many studies. They can reveal information on stereotypic and epileptic behaviors, circadian rhythmicity, motor control, movement disorders, neural development, and more.

DanioVision is a complete system designed for exactly these types of experiments with zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae, and is often used in studies related to drug development, behavioral genetics, toxicology and circadian rhythmicity.


DanioVision Observation Chamber

With the Observation Chamber, you can control your testing environment and collect your data efficiently. Everything about this system is designed to provide you with a reliable testing environment and high quality video for tracking. Furthermore, set-up of the Observation Chamber is easy and requires no specific training.


The sturdy chamber is equipped with a white light, an internal infrared (IR) light, an IR sensitive camera, and an optimized lens. This unique design is where DanioVision beats the competition: by preventing contrast differences, shadowing, and angular distortion (particularly between inner and outer wells) with a system that does not rely on fragile mirrors.


Customer quote

"DanioVision allows an easy solution to monitor and quantify physical activity and swimming behaviour in a large number of larvae simultaneously."

Dr. M. den Hoed|Uppsala University, Sweden


Powered by EthoVision XT

DanioVision is powered by video tracking software EthoVision XT (included). This powerful software provides you with accurate detection of your animals, high-throughput tracking of up to 96 individuals, and full experimental control. 

It’s also an indispensable tool in data selection and analysis. For example, all raw data are saved, enabling you to run analyses on several data sets or different parameters. With about 4,000 people worldwide using it for their studies, EthoVision XT is the most validated system available.


Fit your zebrafish research needs

DanioVision can be adjusted to fit your specific research needs in several ways. For example, the Observation Chamber has plenty of room to accommodate additional stimuli, such as a (colored) top light, a tapping device, optogenetics unit, third party hardware, or custom stimuli. All stimuli can be automated with EthoVision XT.

DanioVision backlight

Range of species to study

Are you working with other very small organisms that are not zebrafish larvae? You can also use DanioVision! Some of the species that have also been studied with DanioVision include other fish larvae (e.g. rainbow trout, minnows), worm larvae, frog larvae, flies and fly larvae, and fleas. 

Also, don’t forget that the full license of EthoVision XT included with DanioVision is also suitable for all other animal species, in any maze or arena!


CCS-vandenbos zebrafish research with DanioVision

Dr. van den Bos: "I definitely would recommend Noldus' tools to others."

Dr. Ruud van den Bos talks about his work in neurobiology and experimental psychology, and how zebrafish research contribute to his field of research. He is experienced with DanioVision and EthoVision XT, and explains why good tools are important for reliability and reproducibility in zebrafish experiments.


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