Complete control over experimental conditions

The sturdy design of the Observation Chamber creates a perfect environment for your experiment. It shuts out external light and the anti-vibration feet absorb shocks so that the internal environment stays stable. 

Control over light and dark settings

You can control the internal white light conditions with EthoVision XT based on time of the day or animal behavior. 

Control of lighting conditions offers several advantages for your study. You can use light to induce a startle reflex by suddenly turning it on or you can adjust the white light gradually, from dimmed to bright, to mimic a day/night cycle. Of course, both actions can be programmed to take place automatically based on user-defined conditions (within EthoVision XT software). The white light intensity is adjustable from complete darkness up to 10,000 lux. 

Daniovision holder empty
The plate holders offers rooms for several types of containers, such as well plates and containers. 
Daniovision holder petri
The bridge can be moved, so that no matter which container you use, it will always be perfectly aligned the with camera view. In this case the petri-dish is perfectly centered. 
Daniovision holder 6 well
This shows DanioVision with 6-well plate...
Daniovision holder 96 well
... and of course the 96-well plate. 

Perfect tracking

EthoVision XT guarantees perfect tracking under all light conditions. DanioVision includes an infrared (IR) backlight for the well plates or other containers and a digital IR sensitive camera. The wavelength of the LED’s does not affect the swimming behavior or your larvae. (Hartmann et al., 2018).

With IR-lighting, you can switch from dark to light, or gradually change the white light gradient during your experiment without influencing tracking; the white light is not picked up by the IR-sensitive camera. 

Multiple days in a row

With DanioVision, your experiments can take place over several days. The Temperature Control Unit is connected to the Observation Chamber and lets water flow through the system. This gives you complete control over the temperature of the larvae, allowing you to conduct experiments that take more than one day.

Click here to read more about the DanioVision Temperature Control Unit.

Sound/vibration stimulus

The DanioVision Tapping Device produces a discrete tap at the bottom of the basin that holds the well plate or other container. These taps cause vibrations in the water, evoking a startle response in your animal(s).In addition to light control and the sound/vibration stimulus, you can connect other external devices to the system. DanioVision has internal TTL connections to add your own (home-made or third party) stimuli and control them with EthoVision XT. Click here to read more.