DanioVision Observation Chamber

All in one

DanioVision is a complete system, designed for the high-throughput testing of zebrafish larvae in multi-well plates. Of course, you can also use it with other very small organisms. For applications, click here

It is a complete system, meaning that it includes both software and equipment – all that you will need for your experiment:

  • The DanioVision Observation Chamber (includes lighting). 
  • The  Temperature Control Unit  to control the temperature of your animals (optional).
  • The Tapping Device to apply a sound/vibration stimulus (optional).  
  • EthoVision XT video tracking software – for the tracking of each of your larvae simultaneously and for the (programmed) control of stimuli such as light, sound, and vibration.
  • A Dell professional workstation, with EthoVision XT pre-installed. 
Watch this video to see DanioVision in action!

High throughput testing made easy

DanioVision is designed as a plug-and-play system - just hook up the wiring to connect the Observation Chamber to the computer, plug in the power, and you are ready to go! The large sliding opening of the DanioVision Observation Chamber provides easy access for quickly replacing the well plate between trials. The plate holder assures the wells are always positioned in the same place, so the camera and the wells stay perfectly aligned. 

Zebrafish larvae

Accurate tracking

Video tracking animals is one thing; tracking fast moving and very small organisms is another. Rely on the years of experience in zebrafish research and dedicated development that makes EthoVision XT the best tracking software for this research. Find out more

Data you need

EthoVision XT automatically calculates a wide range of variables. It also has very powerful data selection tools. These features are what makes DanioVision such a complete system - you get the data you need. Select variables such as velocity and distance moved or turn angle. Zoom in data to the time plots in which the startle reflex took place and easily compare between treatment groups.  

Click here to find out more about data selection and analysis with EthoVision XT. 

The Observation Chamber

The Observation Chamber is small yet has everything you need:

  • An infrared (IR) backlit holder for a multi-well plate, petri dish, or other small container.
  • A high quality and fast (up to 60 frames per second) IR-sensitive camera.
  • A white light source which can be programmed to automatically operate based on animal behavior or time. 
  • An innovative design and camera lens for an optimal image of all wells without angular distortion.

The Observation Chamber is compatible with standard ANSI and SBS compliant IR-translucent multi-well plates. You can use 6, 12, 24, 48, or 96 square or round well-plates. The EthoVision XT software includes templates for all of these. You can also use petri dishes and other small containers, which are fixated in perfect central position in the plate holder. 

Overall, this system offers the ideal controllable environment for the tracking of activity, movement, and behavior of zebrafish larvae.

High quality digital camera

Especially with zebrafish (animals that are known to move very quickly), it can be a challenge to track them accurately. But this challenge disappears with EthoVision XT, especially with the high quality digital GigE camera that is included in the DanioVision Observation Chamber. The high resolution (max 1280 * 960 px) and high frame rate (max 60 fps) of the camera allow you to monitor movement in detail. This camera is IR sensitive. In combination with the IR backlight in the Observation Chamber, this allows you to track day and night. Or rather, with lights on or off, because you determine the amount of light the larvae are exposed to yourself.  

Daniovision camera
Built-in digital camera.
Daniovision open lens camera
Innovative design for the best image for tracking.  

Completely controlled experimental environment

The DanioVision Observation Chamber creates a controlled environment for your experiment. You can control the light intensity and the temperature of the larvae. Read more here .  

Steady and distortion free image

To ensure a reliable image for tracking, DanioVision is equipped with anti-vibration feet to absorb shocks to the image that might occur in a laboratory setting. The high quality camera and the innovative optical design of the observation chamber prevent angular distortion at the edges of the wells. Additionally, the backlit plate holder provides even lighting to each well and prevents shadowing. The combination of the IR backlight and the IR-sensitive camera makes reliable tracking in the dark possible. All these features combined guarantee you have a reliable view of each individual animal.

Temperature control

Temperature control is a key element in experiments with zebrafish, especially in larvae that are tested in an environment with lighting elements. Even a slight temperature change can influence the health of your testing animals and therefore the validity of your data. 

The temperature unit prevents temperature changes, and allows you to control the exact temperature of the larvae. The  Temperature Control Unit  is also part of the DanioVision system. It is easily connected to the DanioVision Observation Chamber and allows you to have easy control over the actual temperature of the larvae. 

Read more about the Temperature Control Unit  here .   

Sound/vibration stimulus

The DanioVision Tapping Device can be easily installed and produces a discrete tap at the bottom of the basin that holds the well plate or other container. These taps cause vibrations in the water, evoking a startle response in your animal(s). You can control the Tapping Device from EthoVision XT: you can set the force (at 8 different levels) and the tapping rate (max 3 taps per second). You can program this based on timing.  Read more here


Our zebrafish research community is growing! Each year at the Society for Neuroscience conference, we present a satellite symposium. In 2013 this was completely focused on zebrafish research. (You can watch videos of the presentations here .)

Applications in research

If you are interested in applications of DanioVision in research, such as Parkinson's disease research, toxicology, and circadian rhythmicity research, you can read more in our applications section or on our blog.