DanioVision Temperature Control Unit

The Temperature Control Unit is a separate unit that connects easily to the DanioVision Observation Chamber. It controls the exact temperature of the water surrounding the well plates in the Observation Chamber. This way, you prevent temperature changes, without the need to work in fully climatized rooms.

DanioVision Temperature Control Unit 

Temperature in zebrafish studies

Temperature is a crucial element in zebrafish research. Even a slight temperature change can influence the health of your subjects, leading to invalid results. The temperature during your trials also influences the behavior of the animal, so you want to be able to control it and make sure it is the same between trials.

In this video, you can see how the flow-through system works. (Blue dye is added to visualize the effect.) After you have set the temperature, the water will quickly spread out evenly underneath the well plate.

Even temperature distribution

The DanioVision Temperature Control Unit is a flow-through system: water flows evenly underneath the well plate at the temperature of your choice. The temperature is the same all throughout the well plate.

Longitudinal studies

The Temperature Control Unit allows you to setup trials that last several days.