DanioVision Temperature Control Unit

Absolute control over larvae temperature

The Temperature Control Unit is part of the DanioVision system. It lets you have complete control over the temperature of the water surrounding the well-plate with zebrafish larvae or other small organisms you are tracking with DanioVision. This is essential for your research, because variety in temperature can mean variety in your data, leading to invalid results. The DanioVision system ensures you collect valuable and comparable data, without the need to work in fully climatized rooms. 

In this video you can see how the flow-through system works. After you have set the temperature, the water will quickly spread out evenly underneath the well plate.

Flow-through system

The Temperature Control Unit is a flow-through system, which means that it lets water flow underneath the well plate at a user-defined temperature. The design lets you either cool or heat the water, so you can accurately set the conditions for your experiment.

Easy set-up

The unit is very compact and can be placed next to the Observation Chamber or on the floor. It is easy to connect: just hook up two water tubes and two cables, fill the water basin in the chamber, set the temperature, and you are ready to go.

Daniovision TCU front
The Temperature Control unit is very compact and can be placed next to the Observation Chamber or on the floor. 
Daniovision TCU back
It is easy to set-up and connect to the DanioVision Observation Chamber. 

User-defined temperature

When you set the desired temperature, the system will start to heat or cool the water until the user-defined temperature is reached. This will only take a few minutes. The temperature of the water is measured directly at the position of the well plate, ensuring the most accurate temperature inside the wells. The current water temperature can be read from the display.

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