Powered by EthoVision XT

DanioVision is powered by EthoVision XT – our renowned video tracking software that just celebrated its 25th anniversary! It's the best system available, but don't just take our word for it: with about 4,000 people worldwide using it for their studies, it is also the most validated system available.

DanioVision is a complete system, including the DanioVision Observation Chamber and a computer with a fully functional license of EthoVision XT. This powerful combination of equipment and software has a number of advantages, which are listed on this page.


Highly reliable video tracking of zebrafish

Here’s the number one reason why DanioVision outperforms the competition. The unique design in lighting conditions and Fresnel lens assure an accurate image for tracking. There is no shadowing, and there are no differences in contrast or image quality between the inner and outer wells. The Observation Chamber has an infrared (IR) backlight and IR sensitive camera, ensuring that white light intensity does not influence your tracking. The camera is specifically suited to the typical fast movement of zebrafish larvae. Combined with EthoVision XT’s outstanding detection methods and video tracking algorithm, you are guaranteed a perfectly accurate detection of animal activity.


Customer quote

"DanioVision allows an easy solution to monitor and quantify physical activity and swimming behaviour in a large number of larvae simultaneously."

Dr. M. den Hoed|Uppsala University, Sweden


Automated experiments

With DanioVision, you have full control over your experiment. For example, you can use EthoVision XT to program the intensity of white light in the Observation Chamber, so you can induce a startle reflex or mimic a day/night cycle. You can also control frequency, timing, and duration of the light. Add-ons such as the tapping device or optogenetics equipment, are also programmed and controlled with EthoVision XT.


Easy to use

When starting your experiment in DanioVision mode, EthoVision XT adjusts itself to cater to standard DanioVision experiments. For example, the arena settings are optimized for well plates and there is a dedicated subject-detection method for studies done with 96-well plates.


zebrafish blue in aquarium

High throughput video tracking in multi-well plates

The DanioVision Observation Chamber fits standard multi-well plates, from 1 up to 96 wells. The well plate is always in the exact same position, so you don’t have to adjust your EthoVision XT settings between trials.


Replay and reuse your data

With EthoVision XT, you can record a video of your tracking experiment. This way, you always have a backup, which you can reuse and track again as desired. You can also check the quality of the acquired track files as an overlay of the stored video files.

While your animal is being tracked, all raw data will be saved. This means that if you want to add another variable to your data list at a later time, or if you want to select your data differently, you do not need to rerun your experiment or even track the video again. Simply change your data or parameter selection.

By making multiple data selections, you can analyze your data in detail and easily find differences between groups.  Video and raw data remain available at any time.


Powerful data analysis options

EthoVision XT has powerful data selection and analysis tools. You can select your data based on both dependent and independent variables, and the software automatically offers valuable parameters for analysis. Options include turn angle, distance moved, velocity, and activity.

In the descriptive statistics in EthoVision XT, you can customize the layout of the table. This is not only useful for intuitive data interpretation, but is also great to make it suitable for export to your preferred statistical program.


Fully functional video tracking for other animals

The EthoVision XT software that comes with the DanioVision system is not restricted to the DanioVision system, but can be used for other experiments as well. For example, you can track adult zebrafish in shoaling tests, T-maze learning, shuttlebox tests, place preference, and so on. You can also run experiments with other animal species, such as rodents, with this EthoVision XT license.

EthoVision XT only requires the license key to acquire data. This means that you can install the EthoVision XT software on multiple computers, and analyze your data when and where it is most convenient for you.