What's new in DanioVision

Tracking zebrafish larvae and other small organisms in a controlled environment. Suitable for high-throughput research and longer term studies, easy to use, and powered by renowned video tracking software. These are still what DanioVision stands for, but things change. So we made sure to incorporate today’s technology in our new design, and because of the new inside, it needed a new jacket as well. 

New and improved

The Observation Chamber now has a more spacious design and measures a couple of centimeters wider. The opening is wider and easier to handle without disturbing the animals when closing the system. You now have better access to everything inside and room to add extra equipment. 

Well plates, petri dishes, and more

With the new basin, it is much easier to place and fixate your well-plate, and you can now place a petri dish or other small container in a fixed position in the center of the camera view. This way, you don’t have to adjust your arena settings in the software between trials. If you use the same size container, you can use the same settings - a real time-saver!

Daniovision holder empty
The plate holders offers rooms for several types of containers, such as well plates and containers. 
Daniovision holder petri
The bridge can be moved, so that no matter which container you use, it will always be perfectly aligned the with camera view. In this case the petri-dish is perfectly centered. 
Daniovision holder 6 well
This shows DanioVision with 6-well plate...
Daniovision holder 96 well
... and of course the 96-well plate. 

For studies in multi-well plates, a special lens is positioned above the plate for a perfect view into all wells. However, for studies with other containers, you may not need this lens, and so now it is also possible to move it up into a vertical position, outside of camera view. This opens up space for other containers that are a bit taller, for example, so you can study a zebrafish adult. 

New camera 

DanioVision now includes a GigE digital camera that can be set to different resolutions and frame rates (max resolution 1290 * 960 px or max frame rate 60 fps), allowing you to optimize DanioVision for different experiments. The new fixed focus lens is more light-sensitive and produces a very sharp image for tracking.

daniovision digital camera
DanioVision includes a GigE digital camera that can be set to different resolutions and frame rates. 
daniovision tapping device
The Tapping Devices is easily installed in the new DanioVision and produces discrete taps at the bottom of the basin. 

New sound/vibration stimulus

The DanioVision Tapping Device is an add-on for the new DanioVision Observation Chamber. It can be easily installed and produces a discrete tap at the bottom of the basin that holds the well plate or other container. These taps cause vibrations in the water, evoking a startle response in your animal(s). 

You can control the Tapping Device from EthoVision XT: you can set the force (at 8 different levels) and the tapping rate (max 3 taps per second). You can program this based on timing. Read more here.

More is better

There is also more room for additional hardware inside. For example, the new Tapping Device. You can also build- in your own or custom developed devices. Extra TTL connections allow you to connect these devices and use the included EthoVision XT software to control them or build the application of the stimuli into our experimental protocol. 

White light stimulus

The white light inside the DanioVision Observation Chamber has also been improved. The range of light variability has expanded, especially on the low light end, so you can create an even better transition from light to dark and vice versa. It now has a range between 0 and 5000 lux. This makes DanioVision suitable for sleep studies. Of course, the white light can still also be used for a startle reflex by using it for a light pulse (sudden bright light). Read more here.