Optogenetics and DanioVision

Zebrafish larvae are transparent, which offers many benefits for neuroscientific research. One is the ease of applying optogenetic stimulation – there is no need for fiber optic implants. 

Activate specific neurons

The method of optogenetics was invented to activate or even inhibit small groups of neurons, using the light of specific wavelengths. This allows scientists to control the activity of these neurons and study their influence on a variety of biological processes, including behavior.

DanioVision zebrafish larvae optogenetics

Prizmatix modular system

The Optogenetics add-on for DanioVision is an optogenetic LED light source based on the Prizmatix Modular LED system. It consists of two different LED wavelengths, producing blue and yellow light, or a combination of both colors.

Program with EthoVision XT

The Optogenetics add-on can be programmed and controlled using the EthoVision XT software included with your DanioVision system.  You can set user-defined time conditions for the optogenetic stimulation. In comparison to manual control, this offers far better temporal precision and adds efficiency to longitudinal studies. 

You can also combine optogenetics with other DanioVision add-ons.