Powered by EthoVision XT

Reliable tracking of zebrafish larvae

DanioVision is powered by EthoVision XT – renowned video tracking software that just celebrated its 25th anniversary! It's the best system available, but just don't take our word for it: with over 2500 sites worldwide using it for their studies, it is also the most validated system available.

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A decade ago, Noldus designed the Tower Filming System, the first dedicated solution for tracking very small organisms, such as zebrafish larvae. In 2010, it was time for a more compact, modern solution, and DanioVision was brought to the market.

Ethovision 96 well
Rely on EthoVision XT software (included in the DanioVision system) for accurate tracking of your zebrafish larvae, just like many other zebrafish researchers do!
Ethovision zoom wells
With the DanioVision system, the movemen and activity of each larvae is measured in detail. 

100% Detection for accurate tracking

White light intensity does not influence the tracking because DanioVision works with an infrared (IR) backlight and an IR sensitive camera. This way, you are guaranteed accurate detection and tracking of your animal. If you use EthoVision XT in other experiments, the lighting might be different. You still need 100% accurate detection of your animal. EthoVision XT has 4 different detection methods for animal tracking and you can fine tune the setting of each one to perfectly fit your experiment. 

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Full control

DanioVision includes EthoVision XT video tracking software. This software gives you full control over the experiment. For example, you can control the intensity of the white light of the Observation Chamber. You can turn it on suddenly to induce a startle reflex, or gradually raise and lower the intensity to mimic a day/night cycle. Frequency, timing, and duration can all be programmed.   

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High throughput

With the DanioVision system, you can use several multi-well plates, from 6 up to 96 square or round wells. And of course, video tracking is done simultaneously for all animals in the wells. 

User-friendly software

EthoVision XT is very versatile and powerful; it provides you with many options and a lot of detailed data. In fact, by starting out your experiment in DanioVision mode, the program is adjusted specifically to work with DanioVision. For example, the arena settings are optimized for well-plates, wells are automatically detected in 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96 well plates, and there is a dedicated subject-detection method for studies done with 96-well plates, automatically detecting each animal.

You can easily adjust the arena definition to specifically match your well-plate. 

Valuable data

EthoVision XT has powerful data selection and analysis tools. You can select your data based on both dependent and independent variables and the software automatically offers valuable parameters for analysis. Examples include turn angle, distance moved, velocity, and activity. 

Replay and reuse your data

With EthoVision XT, you can record a video of your experiment while tracking your animals. This way, you always have a back-up, which you can re-use and track again if necessary. While your animal is being tracked, all raw data (such as the coordinates in each time frame) will be saved. This means that if you change your mind and want to add another variable (such as velocity) to your data list, or you want to select your data differently, you do not need to rerun your experiment or even track the video again. Simply change your data selection or parameter selection. 

By making new and multiple data selections, you can analyze data in real detail and easily find differences between treatment groups.  Video and raw data remain available at any time. 

More than zebrafish larvae tracking

EthoVision XT software is not restricted to the DanioVision system. You can use it for many other tests as well, such as adult zebrafish tracking in shoaling test, T-maze learning, shuttlebox test, place preference, and so on. You can also use EthoVision XT for the tracking of zebrafish embryo activity or the heartbeat monitoring of zebrafish larvae. Or use it to track the activity and behavior of other animals. 

Free analysis licenses

Another great advantage of EthoVision XT is that you only need the license key to record and track. This means that you can install the EthoVision XT software on multiple computers and analyze your data when and where it is most convenient for you.

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