High-throughput insect tracking


Looking for a tool to speed up insect or plant screening? EntoLab is a computerized system for automated high-throughput screening of insect behavior, validated for many insect-plant combinations.

  • Up to 90% reduction in time and costs of screening!

  • High throughput: run up to 300 trials simultaneously

  • Complete hardware and software solution


Complete and integrated solution for insect screening

Screening plants for resistance to insects can be a tedious process, including assessing feeding damage, counting offspring and survival, and measuring development time, all done through visual rating and scoring by human observers. This has multiple drawbacks: it is labor-intensive, and thus costly, time-consuming, imprecise and subjective. The same holds for screening pesticides or beneficial insects.

EntoLab™ is the long-awaited solution that overcomes the limitations of conventional screening methods. Developed by Noldus in collaboration with Wageningen Plant Research and renowned plant breeding companies, EntoLab is a novel computerized system for automated high-throughput screening of insect behavior.

many aphids on a leaf

How does it work?

EntoLab is a complete system, consisting of an observation chamber with video camera, illuminators, and assay plates containing no-choice and 2-choice arenas.

Assay plates can be filled with substrates (leaf discs, solutions) or placed as a template on top of e.g. intact plant leaves. Behavior is recorded using EthoVision XT video tracking software. Tracks are subsequently imported into EthoAnalysis software for computation of a wide range of end-points, resulting in informative graphical and statistical reports.

Discover how EntoLab works (PDF) 


  • Basic research into insect-plant interactions
  • Plant breeding: screening of cultivars for insect resistance
  • Insect phenotyping: screening of genetic lines for behavioral attributes
  • Quality control of mass-reared beneficial insects (biocontrol agents, pollinators)
  • Pesticide development: screening of compounds for efficacy, screening insect populations for resistance

EntoLab observation chamber

EntoLab Observation Chamber

With EntoLab, you can standardize your test environment, including multi-arena assay plates and illumination, and collect your data efficiently. The EntoLab Observation Chamber is designed in such a way to maximize image quality, reliability of tracking and throughput. Furthermore, the EntoLab hardware is easy to use and clean.


Powered by EthoVision XT

EntoLab is powered by EthoVision XT video tracking software (included). This powerful software provides you with accurate detection of your insects and high-throughput tracking in up to 300 trials simultaneously. Featured in over 22,000 publications and used by more than 2,500 labs worldwide, EthoVision XT is the most validated video tracking system available.

detection settings ethovision entolab

EntoLab EthoAnalysis

Versatile data analysis

EntoLab comes with EthoAnalysis, a software package specifically designed for the analysis of insect behavior. EthoAnalysis automatically computes over >30 behavioral parameters and delivers statistics per hour or qualitatively into a behavior range.


EntoLab has been developed by Noldus Information Technology in collaboration with the research groups of Dr. Maarten Jongsma (Wageningen Plant Research) and Prof. Marcel Dicke (Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University), and renowned plant breeding companies.

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Screening plants for resistance to insect pests

Screening plants for resistance to insect pests

EntoLab is a computerized system for automated screening of plants for resistance to sucking insects. It can accurately screen many different plant lines in a high-throughput manner.
Screening insecticides for efficacy or tolerance

Screening insecticides for efficacy or tolerance

Maarten Jongsma and colleagues use EntoLab to detect changes in insect behavior that provide a sensitive method for identifying and quantifying resistance development. They tested this approach with pyrethrins against aphids.
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