What's new in ErasmusLadder 2

We listened to you, our users, as well as experts in the field, and have adapted the ErasmusLadder to even better fit your needs. A complete system, including hardware, software, and computer; all elements of the ErasmusLadder system were improved for version 2.

Unilateral stepping behavior parameters

ErasmusLadder provides several parameters related to stepping behavior: step size, step type, and many others. In the new version, these number can be differentiated to the left or right side of the body; this makes ErasmusLadder ideal for research on disorders that affect one side of the body, such as stroke, ischemia, infarctions, Parkinson’s disease, pain, and hemiplegia.

New step parameters

ErasmusLadder 2 now differentiates parameters based on step length and the type of rungs used. For example, a misstep can be a short misstep (the first lower rung) or a long misstep (to the next lower rung). A back step is differentiated between a high to a low rung and vice versa; from one low rung to the previous low rung; from one high rung to the previous high rung, etc. 

New export options

In addition to session and group statistics, trial statistics are now available for export. This allows for more in-depth review and analysis in the statistical program of your choice, such as Excel, SPSS, or SAS.

New trial duration parameter

A single trial in ErasmusLadder starts the moment the mouse enters one goal box, and stops as soon as it reaches the end of the Ladder and enters the other goal box. Individual durations were already available, such as time spent in the box while the light was on, and the time spent on the ladder. Now, a new parameter sums all these for data for you to provide total trial duration. 

Better back-up

We have improved project back-up, in order to better keep your data safe. 

Free hardware and firmware upgrades

Finally, the ErasmusLadder apparatus itself has also been upgraded. This upgrade is necessary for working with the version 2 software. Current users of ErasmusLadder are entitled to a full free upgrade to ErasmusLadder 2, and are advised to get in touch with their local sales representative for a smooth transition to ErasmusLadder 2.