EthoVision XT

Automatic Behavior Recognition

Recognition of specific events

The behavioral testing of rodent models is a very important part of neuroscientific research. Variables such as velocity and time spent in an area of interest consistently and reliably detected with EthoVision XT.

So how about more detailed data on specific behavioral events? Think of grooming, jumping, and rearing. They always required additional human observation, a traditional method with its downfalls.

ethovision rat behavior recognition integrated visualization



Advanced Research

Automation in behavioral recognition is a crucial step towards advancements in biomedical, genetic, and molecular research. EthoVision XT Rat and Mouse Behavior Recognition caters to these requirements.

Automatic Behavior Recognition accurately, reliably, and tirelessly recognizes a list of ten rat or mouse behaviors.

  • Rats: Grooming, jumping, supported rearing, unsupported rearing, twitching, sniffing, walking, resting, eating, and drinking
  • Mice: Grooming, hopping, supported rearing, unsupported rearing, digging, sniffing, walking, resting, eating, and drinking

Recognition factors

Behavior recognition is based on several factors. These include the location and movement of the nose point, center point, and tail base of the animal; its body shape and contour; and information about the cage in which testing takes place (such as where the walls, the feeder, and the drinking bottle are located). Motion statistics, intensity, and periodicity are also taken into account. 

ethovision rat behavior recognition groom
ethovision rat behavior recognition rear wall

Behavior probability

Behavior probability can be displayed and you can merge behaviors into one group, such as rearing (supported rearing and unsupported rearing) and eating and drinking.


Additional automatically recognized behaviors

In addition to the ten behaviors included in the software, you can also order custom-tailored Behavior Recognition software which automatically detects exactly those behaviors of rats you are interested in. This is a consultancy service; please contact us for more information.