EthoVision XT

10 reasons why you should use EthoVision XT in your lab

  1. The most used and validated video tracker in the world

    30 years of experience and evolution, used at almost 4000 sites worldwide, and validated in thousands of publications in renowned journals. Using EthoVision XT gets your work published faster and easier

    ethovision publication power

    EthoVision is by far the most cited video tracking system (source: Google Scholarand also outranks our main competitor when it comes to publishing in the 'big five' (neuroscience) journals.

  2. The most advanced tracking algorithms

    EthoVision XT uses superior detection methods, including deep learning technology. This lets you track rodents in all conditions imaginable, such as tethered setups, or even with obscured sight of the animal.

  3. Track rodents, fish, insects, livestock, and many more species!

    EthoVision XT's superior detection methods is not limited to rodents. In (zebra)fish EthoVision XT has also proven to be an essential tool to measure anything from learning and memory, social behavior and even the integration with optogenetics. Make sure to take a look at the full overview of behavioral tools for fish and other aquatic species. 

    css ruud van den bos zebrafish tank

  4. Fast and easy setup, even faster results

    EthoVision XT's automatic detection settings gets you going fast. It is easy to set up in a clear and intuitive manner, even for unexperienced users. Upload your videos in a batch, and watch how EthoVision XT powers through your analysis in a matter of seconds or minutes, as opposed to hours...

    save time with ethovision

  5. It is not a black box

    Other behavioral software tools often operate as a ‘black box’. EthoVision XT does not! It gives you full insight and control, which means that at any point in your project you know exactly where your data is coming from and you can adjust data points as you see fit. Read more about why this is important.

  6. Live tracking

    You can track from a live feed or from video files. EthoVision XT can handle large video files, and you can also record your files while you are tracking live.

  7. Activity detection

    In addition to video tracking EthoVision XT also detects activity: changes at pixel-level from one frame to the next.

  8. High-throughput and high-content

    Up to a hundred arenas and up to 16 animals per arena can be tracked simultaneously. Also the amount of parameters available for analysis is substantial: trial duration, time in zone, distance to zone, distance, to zone border, distance moved, velocity, heading, turn angle, angular velocity, mobility, proximity, rotation, elongation, and many more!

  9. Low price tag

    EthoVision XT gets you the best bang for buck: The base version gives you access to all essential tracking methods, and you can do your analysis on an unlimited number of computers: the license key is only necessary for data acquisition. Want more? EthoVision XT is scalable to your budget and your needs. Make sure to check out all of the modules, to truly make EthoVision XT your customized behavioral tracking platform. 

      Overview EthoVision
  10. Help along the way and free technical support

    EthoVision XT helps you along the way, with templates, built-in video tutorials, and a searchable user manual. We also offer free technical support worldwide and 24/7.

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